Friday, January 23, 2015

Encore, Encore!

Auntie Stacie had one more show tonight. She stopped by the house for a little visit with the kiddos first. They can not get enough of their Auntie Stacie LOL.

Group hugs!
Dinner out, we were holding our breath that Stacie was about to win big...she didn't win big, but she did win medium LOL.

Ready for the show to start!

The girls went right back out on the "dance floor".

Broken Down Guitars was awesome yet again.

The show ran until 10 pm, my littles hit the sack around it was a bit of a late night.
Jericho was fading for about the last 40 minutes, towards the end he was falling asleep on Jason, but every time a song ended he would pop up and clap. So sweet.

Great show guys, can't wait to see you again soon Stacie XOXOX.

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