Friday, January 9, 2015

Good report card rewards, and a 4 year check up.*

We were on the go today!
 Mission clean and organize the garage is one, small, step toward completion. We got these to use as storage.

This guys place is a preppers paradise LOL.

The kiddos got to pick out their reward toy for good report cards. We had a pretty pleased bunch.

Jericho had his 4 year check up today, the trio came along to get a shot. They are almost done, just 3 more to go! After today's shot Jericho has 7 more to go. Slow and steady.
Little Man is 35 1/2 lbs and 41" tall, that is 46th % for weight and 66th % for height...such a peanut, compared to the trio. Our smallest of the trio, Lily, was the same height and 4 1/2 lbs heavier at her 4 year check up. Xan and Haddie were 43 lbs and over 42". Jericho is just taking his time ;)

We had dinner at Grandma's after the Doctor visit. The trio brought their school readers and read them to her...she is pretty impressed with how much they have learned in like 4 months of Kindy.
Kitsune is 11 weeks today, and her training is going really well. She is so smart, and it helps that she is very food motivated.

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