Sunday, January 18, 2015

Watching the big dogs.

I spent about 4 hours in a car today with my friend Dina and our pups, then another 3 hours standing in mud and watching big dogs work. It was fun, wet, muddy, a little cold...but fun.

Back at home Jason and the kiddos were waiting to cheer on the Seahawks...who made it to the Super Bowl again this year, by the skin of their teeth.

The kids favorite part of watching football LOL.

Go Hawks!

Kitsune got to see her first family again say she remembered them would be an understatement. Especially Dara, Momma as far as Kitsune knows, she couldn't get enough love and hugs.

She started off a bit unsure, but she warmed up pretty quick. It is wonderful socializing pups around a group of dog people, she got a lot of great interaction and made some new friends.
I have to say again, I think she may be the most mellow and chill Dutchie ever...I hope she is not sick or something LOL.

Kitsune got to watch, and hear, the big dogs out in the field doing bite work. It was so fun to watch!
One of Kitsune's brothers was also there today. It took them a couple minutes to remember each other, then it was on. The leashes got in the way, but they had a great time.

Play break to watch some more dogs work. I hope she was letting this stuff sink in a little.

And break is over LOL. These two crazy kids.

Time to retire her first puppy harness I think, my little pocket Dutchie is growing.
She got her first training session on tracking today too. She loved the hot dog part of it LOL.

Xander funny of the day...
The trio's Kindy class gives homework on Fridays, it is due Wednesday. We have gotten into the habit of having the homework done by Sunday night.

Until tonight....the girls finished theirs but Xan only did half of his. Half hour after bed time Xander comes running out of his room freaking out. He told us he forgot to do his homework and he doesn't want to get fired from school LOL.

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