Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rocking with the band.

Before we rock out, I have to post a little flash back. This is Xander, 5 years ago, mauling loving on OJ. That cat is the most tolerant animal ever, I actually think he likes the abuse LOL.

Xander is barely bigger than the cat.

5 years later...same boy, same cat. Xan still loves OJ, he is a lot more gentle now though LOL.

The size difference is a lot more in Xander's favor now.

Too cute! It has been the kids mission to keep OJ safe from our little land shark...AKA Kitsune. OJ doesn't run from her any more than he ran from the kids when they were babies and being too rough.


On to the rock and roll!
Auntie Stacie is in town for a couple of gigs with one of her bands, the Broken Down Guitars.
The kids adore getting to listen to their Auntie sing and play. They were perfectly attentive for the 2 hour show...even Jericho didn't lose his mind until after the show was over.

Grandma and Hayden were the first ones out to dance. Once Hayden got started she never stopped, not once. She was quite entertaining for everyone LOL.

They drew a nice sized crowd...of course lots of family came out to support them.

With some coaxing Jericho got out there for some dancing, by the end he was totally in to it.

Lily finally got up and danced, she took her time but eventually had a lot of fun out there. Xan never did dance, they are all just getting over a cold or something and I think he wasn't feeling quite ready for dancing. There is another show tonight, hopefully he will be feeling more festive LOL.

They couldn't wait to hug their Auntie when she was done!

Jericho decided to find his crazy, so we got out of there pretty quickly.

The girls look fab...Xander, why must you always blink when my flash is on.

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