Thursday, January 8, 2015

Another DIY project about to get under way.

This bookshelf has been eating up room in our garage since we got the new white wall unit in the craft room. Our poor garage could pass for a scene from Hoarders, one of our New Year's resolutions is to clean and organize it. That job got a little start today when we moved this into the house.

It is a beautiful, and big, oak bookshelf, I just have never been a fan of the wood look. If it is going to be in here, I have to change it up. Annie Sloan chalk paint to the rescue.

These are the colors I am going with...the darker Graphite, will be the outside and door front color, the gray/olive color will be the inside.
It should end up something like this.
I think I may find a background of some sort...we'll see, I will just concentrate on getting it painted for now LOL. I need to actually go buy the paint...hopefully soon.

My lego crazed kids now have a great place to build to their little hearts content. This lego table was major score on Craigslist for $50!!

A funny that happened today. We were letting the kids watch the amazing Spider-man for the first time. The scene on the subway, where his hand got stuck to the girls shirt and when he pulled it off her shirt came off too, came on. There she was in her hot pink skimpy bra. Xander says "ut oh mom I saw her belly button" LMAO...I love a kids innocence!!!

Jason brought a bug home from work a day or two after Jericho's birthday. He was really sick for a good week. Xander and Hayden came down with something next, but it seemed much more mild and only lasted a couple days. So far it seems Jericho and I have managed to mostly escape it. Poor Lily Bug has been almost as sick as her Dad was. She spent a couple nights in our room. Man we need a bigger bed for times like this.

Lily made this card for me tonight....all by herself. 
 Lily love(s) h(e)r mom
Having her hog my bed and steal all my covers for the last couple of nights is perfectly fine with me.

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