Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Exploring with my protector.

After I dropped the kids off at school this morning, Kitsune and I headed out for a little social time. We have been getting her out to see the world at least a few times a week, be it at places like Home Depot or just for a walk around the neighborhood. She has always done pretty well, but today for what ever reason she was not into people at all. She would bark her head off if she saw someone within 30 feet of us, it was annoying. Puppies go through a couple different "fear periods" as they grow, I am hoping that is all this was. I mean part of the reason we got a Dutch Shepherd is for a little extra protection, but I don't want or need her going off on everyone for no reason.

 So since she had something up her butt today we tried to steer clear of people and just checked lots of other new things out. We walked around a little strip mall for a half hour.

She took some time to stop and smell the flower...pots. Hurry spring, I'm already tired of the cold (even if it has been a really mild winter so far) and miss the pretty flowers.

She took a closer look at the water fountain.

We headed to Home Depot, she did lots of climbing onto different surfaces and some ladders.

Going up isn't too bad, coming down is a whole different story LOL.

Miss Lily Bug brought this home for me today...love that kid!

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