Friday, March 12, 2010

20 months old and a big surprise!*

Xander has been driving us crazy with trying to climb everything, so we decided to get him something to climb. It's a little big, especially sitting in our living room, but they will be able to get a couple years of use out of it. Xander figured out how to climb up the ladder first, and it didn't take him long at all...all boy I tell you. He loves the thing, and even went down the slide a few times by himself after I showed him how a time or two. Hayden....Miss scared of heights, took longer to warm up to it. She would want to be put up in it but then she would stand frozen, breathing in and out very fast. She did find the bottom of the slide and thought it made a perfect seat, until Xan came sliding down it into her...she was very annoyed and tried to attack him. She calmed down about the height eventually and even figured how to climb the ladder to get up it herself. Lily Bug didn't show a ton of interest at first, but after watching Xan and Hayden climbing up and sliding down she was right in the mix. After a while they were climbing up, then going right down the slide and running as fast as they could back around to climb up again. I can't believe what big kids they are now...doesn't seem real sometimes. Unfortunately it didn't keep Xander away from everything else, but it did cut it down a lot.

Xander's hives have been gone for 3 days now, he never did get any sicker...not sure what it was but I am glad it's gone!

Hayden is a little brat and her favorite new thing to do is embarrassing, but too funny not to share. I will admit even though I am pretty much back to my pre pregnancy weight my body was changed forever. Hayden loves to point this out to me (like I don't already know) on a daily basis. After meal times we do face and hand wiping while they are still in their high chairs, Hayden is in the middle seat so I have to lean by her to wipe Xander. When I lean over she grabs my shirt, pulls it up and pinches what ever she can reach...and usually that is my little bit of 'muffin top'. I look at her and say "Hayden, don't pinch that, you don't do that to your Momma she has that because of you three." She smiles and giggles and tries to pinch me again...if she wasn't so darn cute.
Lily Bug got to go out shopping with Daddy today, she loved it and had a great time. Jason did call while he was out to share with me how our daughter was giving the side/stink eye to everyone....he said she was actually scaring people LMFAO!!!
A little video and lots of pics of all the fun!

The video looks black but if you hit play it plays. Stupid Blogger.

Check this out!!!

He is already being a daredevil on it.

Don't crash us Lily.

Even a cool new climbing toy didn't keep him out of trouble long.
Sunny D and O.J. like the new cabinet. Yes they are twins but not identical, one has a wang the other doesn't.

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Krista said...

Awesome Katrina - we have had something similar in our living room for a couple months. They're essential in the house of a climber. ;)