Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lily is for equality.

We have noticed that if we do something with Xan or Hayden, Lily, naturally, wants us to do the same with her. A couple funny examples, I was trying to get Hayden to take a bite of her meal and had to resort to doing the airplane move with the spoon. Next it was Lily's turn, Lily who had been having no trouble putting away the food balked when I brought the spoon to her mouth. I pulled it back and said "Bug do you want a bite?", Lily smiled at me and raised her little arm then waved it around, telling me that I was to do the airplane for her too. Then last night at bed time I was singing a little song to Hayden trying to keep her focused on something other than getting her diaper changed, since she still fights us at times. She started kicking her legs in time to the song I sang and was laughing and having a grand time. Next it was Lily's turn, she immediately started kicking her legs at the same speed Hayden was and laughed, she kept kicking until I started singing the little ditty, then she followed along and kicked with the rhythm of the song. Miss Bug is also getting really good at helping to clean up toys, well...sometimes, last night we had a little assembly line going, I would hand her toy after toy and she would put them in the toy box and turn back to me for the next one.
Xander seems to be feeling better, but his hives are still coming and going. Hayden bit me good today, she hasn't done that in a long time...oh and she has yet another new word, 'clock' though I am sure you can imagine how it sounds when she says it LOL.
Jason has back to back doubles coming up so wish me luck :)
Fun day...
Sweet boy, starting to feel better but the Benadryl has him looking a little doped LOL
Aw how cute, he is already imitating his Daddy :)
Sister time
Hayden is becoming a fan of The Days Of Our Lives.
Big smiles!

Lily Bug being her entertaining self.
Out comes the sun...
She is starting to pick up the "potty dance" here she is doing the stomp part.

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