Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grape damage

For the second day in a row Xander took a close to serious header. Yesterday Xan was on the couch, he went to lay down on the arm rest and before I could get to him fell off backwards and head first. Thankfully for his first fall off the couch he managed to not get hurt, Hayden was just walking by when he fell and I think she actually broke his fall just a little bit. Then today I was sleeping in while Jason made the kiddos breakfast, I wake up and come out to the living room to see Xander with a little red area on his face. Jason says "Xander and his highchair fell over" then he laughed and said "He was trying to pull himself over to finish off Hayden's tray and managed to tip himself over, Hayden looked down at him on the floor, pursed her lips and said OOOoooohhhhhh" LMAO!! Thank goodness he has a hard head, he is always getting himself into something.
Hayden and Lily have started taking a huge notice of the pictures of them as babies that we have up around our house, they point to them many times throughout the day and say "babies" it is so cute. They are talking so much now, they can even follow some basic's wild how grown up they are getting.
I think the worst of the cold is just about over, we have coughing and runny noses left but they are starting to eat and sleep better. I knew we were lucky to have such great sleepers and eaters but I don't think I knew just how lucky until they stopped doing those things so well.
We had a little early Easter fun today, we were supposed to go to an egg hunt but since they are just starting to get better we thought we should give it a little more time. So for my kids enjoyment I busted out a giant Easter egg full of goodies my wonderful husband got me, I of course ate all the chocolate myself, then let them play with the plastic egg. It is obviously more fun that it looks as it started many fights LOL, I swear we can't introduce anything unless we have 3 of what ever it is.

My fellow chocolate lover is asking why the egg is empty.
I see you Lily.
Then the girls decided they wanted to play with Xander's hat.

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Krajcimama said...

If it's anything like my house you also have to make sure they are all the same...or label them with their names. It's amazing how horribly kids share with their siblings! My kids will share with complete strangers before they share quietly and nicely with each other!