Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

My kids love me, they let me sleep in until 10 this morning! I was a little bleary eyed when I got up, so breakfast didn't go as usual. I try to have everyone's food ready at the same time, keeps everyone happy and quiet LOL. Well today Lily and Xander got served first, and I still had to go back and cut up Hayden's. She started bitching at me so I talked to her while I was cutting, telling her how Momma is hurrying and she should be patient, when I realized it got quiet. I looked over and saw why Hayden was quiet, Lily Bug was handing Hayden some of her food, it was so sweet. I told Lily what a nice girl she was being to her sister and they both gave me huge smiles.

We had another long fun filled day, Hayden and Lily enjoyed playing the 'let's pile every toy from the toy box on Momma' game.

Xander woke up with hives again today but I think he is starting to turn the corner now. He did get very frustrated with his sister Hayden today. I don't know where she picked it up from but when she has some cool toy that the other two show interest in she will run up to them holding the item out like she is giving it to them. Then when they reach out for the item Hayden giggles, snatches it back and runs off...I tell her that it is not nice to tease others but she doesn't care at all LOL. Miss Hayden has had a new issue pop up, she is deathly afraid of heights...and they don't even have to be all that high LOL. When getting her dressed we can no longer stand her up on the changing table to button her pants, she latches on to us digs her fingers in and hugs on for dear life. I am not sure where this comes from, she has never been dropped or anything, I hope it doesn't become a serious problem for her.
Xander running from Lily with two pieces of a book he has destroyed.
Lily's favorite word 'Up, up up'
She also likes to grab the door knob and waves while saying bye bye :)
Such a happy Bug.
Lily loves her Teddy.
A rare moment of sharing a toy together.

Xander scared me today, I walked in their room to get them up from naps and he had taken his pants off. I was sooo scared we were going to have another diaper incident like this one yuck.
Xander looking very proud of himself...his pants are on the floor, thankfully his diaper was still on.
I survived Jason being on back to back doubles, I wish it were his Friday though and it's not even close. The kiddos are going to be sooo happy to see him in the morning and even happier to eat the breakfast he will whip up for them :)


Krajcimama said...

Wanted to let you know that I gave you an award - which I am really not comfortable passing them out for some reason. I won't be at all offended if you don't do awards and want to just ignore it (really, no big deal) - but I wanted to let you know it's there (just in case). I do really enjoy your blog! :)

TripMomma said...

Cool thanks...my first award!
Gimme gimme gimme :)