Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't mess with your Momma's chocolate!!!*

I really need to stop leaving things on the couch. It has become a game to whomever is released into the living room first to immediately run to the couch and see what we left there. It is usually the TV remote, my cell phone or maybe some papers. Well today during their nap time I had a couple pieces of a giant Hershey bar Jason bought for me, then forgot I left it on the couch. I changed Hayden first after naps, set her in the living room then went and changed Lily. As I was setting Lily in the living room I glanced up and saw Hayden...and what I saw was not good. I normally will grab my camera to document something funny or bad that one of the kiddos is doing, but not when my chocolate is in peril. Hayden had got my chocolate bar off the couch, unwrapped it and was holding it in her little paw. I jumped the baby gate like a track star and made a B line for her. Hayden looked up saw me coming, she let out a shrill catch me if you can scream and beat feet around the couch. I ran her down, my hand was out in case she jettisoned the goods...usually when they are about to get caught with contraband they will toss it. She must have good taste because she not only did not toss the chocolate but she fought me as hard as she could to keep it. I had to wrestle her to the ground and pry it out of her strong little hands. She cried and bitched at me until she found the wrapping it came from and started licking whatever she could off it LOL. The little rodent (I say that with love) managed to do this to my chocolate while I was changing Lily.

Hayden enjoying the wrapper.

Lily felt special today, we put a little barrette in her hair too. She doesn't really have a need for one, and barely has enough hair to hold one, but she always looks at Hayden's with longing. She felt oh so cool to wear one all day, she is really easy and actually let me put it in her hair...thought I will say Hayden has been really good about it the last couple of days too.

A couple videos from today...the trio riding their little ride on toy, and then a little book time. They look black again, but they do play.

Pics of the day...

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Jeff & Michelle said...

I couldn't stop laughing while reading this.... Way to go Hayden!!! lol