Monday, March 1, 2010

While the cats away...

My little mice enjoyed playing with their milk. Toward the end of breakfast I went to pick out some clothes for Xan, Hayden and Lil. I decided to get them dressed today for a change, shhh don't tell anyone LOL. I was gone maybe 3 min and came back to a milk covered kitchen, and 3 kids happily splashing in it. And I had just given them their first "Mom hears all, sees all and knows all" speech while playing around with them when I served breakfast. Obviously they were testing my superhuman mom powers, and dang it I failed.

Next we had a little playtime, Lily is so proud of she shows off her big muscles :)

Then we turned on Dora, they were having a bit of a multiples episode today I guess. The mommy and daddy Marmoset monkeys had triplets, and the Maned Wolf had quints hehehe.

At lunch time we broke out the straw sippys for the first time. It actually went a lot better than I expected, they seem to know what to do other than they think the cups still need to be tipped back to drink :) We also got them little forks since the spoons were not getting us anywhere. They did pretty good with them, though they didn't quite get the stabbing the food part. I would stick some food then hand the fork to them, they would take the bite then hand the empty fork back to me to refill it. I kept showing them and saying 'see stab the food, stab the food.' I think I should use the word spear instead, I can see it now three kids yelling 'stab the food' at meal time LOL. Hopefully they will get it soon, I am ready for a little less mess!

We played a couple signing DVD's today and boy are they getting good, they are now trying to say everything that they sign and they almost do all of the signs on the 2 DVD's we watch the most. Even Xander has busted out with quite a few more, the young lad is doing really great...I really think the EI visits are helping. Hayden and Lily are getting good at body parts too, they seem to love showing off all they know :)

The girls were melting my heart tonight after I got them all changed for bed. They were sitting on the couch together 'reading' and making each other laugh, it was so sweet.
Oh how Hayden loves to read outLOUD for all of us to enjoy :)
Sweet sisters

Xander looking so very handsome in his PJ's LOL

It has been a fun filled, busy and tiring day...I love my life. Jason worked his second double this week today, so he missed out on all the fun, but I know we are both looking forward to his weekend so we can get in some quality family time!!!

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