Friday, March 26, 2010

Picture Day

We didn't think we were going to brave the bunny Easter pictures this year, we had a couple close calls with the bunnies last year LOL. We had a last min. change of heart, but I am pleased to announce no bunny was harmed and the trio cooperated for just long enough to get some good shots. They are still sick, and so am I, so we were really glad to get about a half hour out of them. I should have pics to share in about a week, but here are a couple after we got home. They looked so cute all dressed up :)

Hayden and Lily are starting the mimic phase, we say a word and they try their best to say it too...a lot of new words are popping out of their mouths these days.

Gggrrr I hate being sick, I hate when the babies are sick...I hope we are all better soon.

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