Monday, March 22, 2010

Cough due to cold.

Xander, Hayden and Lily all woke up with coughs and slightly elevated temps today, hope this one goes away before it even becomes anything. They were still in pretty good moods though, Hayden and Lily started saying 'meow' when we ask "what does the kitty says." When the EI lady was here the other day she showed Xan (and the girls) the sign for jump and would lift him up after she signed it. Today they all were running around signing it and "jumping." It was very funny, Hayden is the only one whose feet actually leaves the floor a smidgen...Xan and Lily just jump with their upper bodies LOL

We got painting finished and the trio will be in their new room tomorrow!!! Jason is not looking forward to taking 3 cribs apart moving them 6 feet and putting them back together though LOL

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Photogrl said...

I hope the trio is feeling better today!

The paint looks good...can't wait to see the finished project!