Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dust bunnies, Old MacDonald and 2012.

I am training up little dust bunny busters! With a Malamute, AKA walking carpet...shag no less, you can imagine the hair that I sweep up daily, and even with daily sweeping I don't always get everything. I often see a bunny hiding under the couch while I am busy on the floor playing with the trio. Being torn between not wanting to leave it there and forget it, and not wanting to get up and throw it away in the trash in the middle of play time, I often grab it and toss it over the gate in front of the TV then grab the dust buster and suck it out later. Well I guess I have done this a few too many times, today I was playing on the floor with the girls, I heard Xander behind the couch playing. Next thing I know Xander comes running from behind the couch, in his hands is a huge dust bunny, he runs it over to the baby gate and tosses it over. Then he ran back to the couch, crouched down and looked for more LMAO!

Xander had another EI appt. today and had a great time singing Old MacDonald and placing farm animals in the 'barn'. Our wonderful EI person, Margaret, always has such fun games, and the kids really like her. Everyone is also really into the Itsy Bitsy Spider too, they put their fingers together to 'crawl up the waterspout', then they hold their palms out and wiggle their fingers and bring their hands down to make the 'down comes the water' part, they also raise their arms over their heads to make the sun coming out. It is so cute, I need to get it on video. Lily has a new dance move, she goes to the gate or couch and holds on while she does a pretty high side kick, then she kicks her leg over and over.

Now to the 2012 part, call me a freak call me paranoid...but I am not so sure that there won't be some sort of change in 2012. I really hope it's not the end of the world but even a major natural disaster would be, well, a disaster. So Jason and I have started planning and stock piling, today we went out looking at tent trailers. It's going to be a year until we can hopefully get into one but I think it will be great to have. Even if 2012 goes great like Y2K did, a tent trailer is my style of camping :)
Lunch got messy so we had a wardrobe change LOL.
Miss Hayden, being cute.

Getting shoes on so we can go out for a bit.
Out looking at tent trailers.
Xander came down with a 102 fever and hives that look like welts after nap today. Poor guy, it is so wild he has only had hives one other time (about 2 months ago) they were on the same leg, in the same area and looked very similar.

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