Monday, March 8, 2010

Old stuff on a cell phone

My phone is on it's last legs, I am not blaming the triplets but they may have played a part LOL. I went through it and got everything off just in case it up and stops working before I get a new one, which will probably happen since I am such a procrastinator. Here are a couple old pics that I had on there.
Miss Hayden Cheyenne when she just came home.
That is my still grossly swollen foot....bleh.
These are of Hayden during her first ER trip, she was about 3 1/2 months old and had a bad cold...poor sweetie. We look at these old pics of her and really notice how much her looks have changed.

Not much happened today, Jason was on a double so I was on my own which makes for a very long day. Xander woke up this morning with more hives, the Benadryl makes them disappear pretty quick, but after his nap they were back again. Poor guy, I hope they go away for good soon. Hayden and Lily were sweetie pies today and really helped Momma make it through. They got a little phone call from Daddy today, he misses everyone so much when he is on a double since he leaves before they wake up and gets home after they go to bed.
Our house is pretty much stairless so this is all the stair practice the kiddos get LOL
Xander made it down them!
The girls got close but didn't go down them yet.

I, and many around the world, have been following a very sad and heartbreaking story. I hope you will take a moment to send thoughts and prayers to
Layla Grace . This amazing little girl is fighting a terminal illness, every day I wish her and her family peace and strength. I will never understand why children have to suffer, never, it's so beyond unfair. It does make me hug my kids extra tight and maybe that is why, maybe someone is working through Layla and kids like her to make all of us appreciate the most precious thing in our lives...our children. Hug em tight, love them like crazy and never take a moment for granted!

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