Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A day in the life...

I saw a message a couple days ago that made me laugh, a SAHM (stay at home mom) detailed hour by hour a whole day of her life. I thought it would be fun to see what mine looks like "on paper", it is impossible to write every little thing but this gives a decent idea. Today was actually a pretty chill day since we didn't go out anywhere and Jason was working day shift, but here is a look at a day in the life of a SAHM of 20 month old triplets :)

6am Husbands alarm goes off, hit husband gently so he stops the annoying beeping.
6:10 Husbands 2nd alarm goes off, kick him less gently so he stops the annoying beeping.
7:30 Wake up slightly, to happy chatter over the baby monitor, smile when I hear Lily say Hmmm (her new thing is to put her finger to her lips and say Hmmm.) Babies go back to sleep, so I go back to sleep.
8:15 Jump out of bed because dang comcast man knocked on the door, without a phone call first.
8:50 Trio still sleeping, wish I could be but I am babysitting Comcast. At least I get some time to check my email.
9am Comcast dude gone. Time to wake up the kiddos, I peek my head in their room and 3 babies smile and squeal at me.
9:01 Move Hayden's crib from infront of the door so I can get in. Thankfully the room doesn't smell, woohoo no over night poop!
9:02 Sing songs as I get them loaded into their highchairs, realize I do not remember all the words to half the kiddie songs I knew as a kid.
9:05 Took the easy way out on breakfast and cut them up a banana, gave them each a handful of blueberries and put an eggo for each in the toaster.Then I warmed their milk, when will these kids drink cold milk?!?!
9:12 Unload dishwasher and load up last nights ice cream bowl. Hey I swept and mopped last night instead of leaving it for today so I deserved a treat :)
9:20 Go referee the girls and their sippy cups, give Lily her cup back and move their highchairs further apart. Go to find clothes for them.
9:25 Pick up all the stuff Hayden pulled out of the changing table while in her highchair, move her away from the changing table.
9:26 Wash everyone's trays, hands and face, sing Zefronk's song to try and keep it fun so maybe Hayden won't bite me.
9:30 Escape getting bit, on to getting Hayden changed and dressed...almost pass out from singing like a mad woman to keep her entertained while dressing her.
9:35 Run in to the front room after Hayden to rescue my laptop that I forgot I left on the couch.
9:36 Change and dress Lily, say Hmmm back and forth to each other 50 times.
9:40 Sing ABC's and change Xander, he has to be done last because he can not be left alone while getting the girls ready without getting into trouble.
9:45 Call RE's office about a bill, find out it was their mistake, and that my insurance will be paying for 90% of all the upcoming blood work and ultrasounds! Do happy dance after hanging up. Kids looked at me like I had lost my mind.
10:10 Tell Xander, for the 10th time already today, to get out from behind the tv stand. He freezes and tries to hide in the drapes, I tell him I still see him and to get out of there.
10:11 Tell Lily to get out from behind the tv stand.
10:20 Lily "calls" to me from the top of the slide, so I go over to catch her, this starts a round robin of slide time.
10:40 Applauded for Xander, he took a dust bunny to the trash, well as close as he could get to the trash anyway. We clap for almost everything around here, our kids are going to celebrate every little thing as if it were a huge accomplishment LOL.
10:55 Wrongly accuse one child of being stinky, when after some sleuthing I find out it was someone else. Change stinker.
11:05 The TV goes blank, look over at Xander and tell him "we don't get HBO Buddy" LOL get the control from him for the 10th time and try to hide it somewhere better.
11:06 Some play time on the floor, no wonder I have so many bruises all the time....I am too old for this :)
11:18 Attempt to read a book to the kids, break up a fight because Hayden wants to point at everything but Lily wants to fly through the pages.
11:25 Break up a fight between Lily and Xander, the toy thief strikes again.
11:35 Console a crying Lily, who is upset because Xander and Hayden can get themselves up on the couch and she can't. It doesn't help that they keep doing it over and over sort of rubbing it in.
11:45 Save Lily from getting vamped by Xander, seems as though she stole one of his toys this time.
11:48 We have some snuggle time until the Fresh Beats come on then my 3 little dancers are up on their feet.
12:45 Lunch for the trio, I finally get to eat something too.
1pm Start a load of laundry while the trio finishes up lunch.
1:05 Slow poke Lily is still eating, she shakes her head at me and says "no" when I share some of the food she has yet to eat with Xan and Hayden.
1:10 After 3 nuggets and 10 cubes of cheese each, plus one apple and 18 oz of milk split between them we wash trays, faces and hands.
1:15 Kisses and nap time!
1:16 Hear happy chit chat until they fall asleep.
1:25 I clean up toys, wipe down the kitchen and take a shower. Then have a couple of hours to myself.
3:30 Hear laughing and jumping on the mattress going on in the trio's room.
3:45 Break into their room (Hayden has pulled her crib in front of the door again) clean up all the stuff she took out of the closet door she opened. Note to self may be time for Hayden's crib tent to go on too.
4pm YAY Daddy is home!!!!
4:19 Baby shower time. Lily first, she does not enjoy her showers, I hear her fussing and Jason says but I have to squirt you down LOL she screamed the whole time.Then it was Hayden's turn, she didn't cry until she was all done and I tried to brush her hair. Then Xander's turn, he loves his showers and often tries to squirt himself in the face.
4:50 Snack time, they enjoyed some dry Life cereal and a Boost drink. Hayden's cereal was confiscated when she kept feeding it to the dogs, she protested.
4:55 Break up a fight between Xan and Hayden over his snack that she is trying to steal.
4:57 Tell Xander for the 80th time to get out from behind the tv stand.
5pm Play time with Dad!
5:15 Grandma stops by for a visit.
6:55 Grandma says bye bye.
7pm Dinner, we all have dinner together, the trio do a terrible job of eating lasagna...we keep trying it but this is the 3rd strike, so lasagna is off the menu for them.
7:25 Jason does face and hand washing, while I load and run the dishwasher.
7:30 Mellow play time, read some books and work on some signs.
7:50 Dad gets kiddos changed and ready for bed.
8pm Kisses and bed time, they are out like a light!

Wow today was a VERY quiet day and that still looks like a lot :)
Lily taking a moment to get ready. Hayden not feeling very patient.
Hayden nudges Lily with her knee.
Then flat out kicks her, not hard though more of a push, down the slide.
Did I do that...
Lily coming back for more.
Xan playing in his little cave.
Xander get your little butt outta there!
These two are from yesterday...so cute.


Photogrl said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading that!

Love the last two pics...SO sweet!

SassyMama said...

Hee hee.
That all sounds vaguely familiar.
I think it is a great idea to write it all out so that in 20 years you can show the trips how much you did for them:)