Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Loving their new room.

Xander, Hayden and Lily got moved into their new room this morning, I am so glad it's done. We still have to get their decals up, you have to wait two weeks for new paint to cure before doing decals. We also still need to get their names back up, but a lot of wall came off with them when we removed the letters from the old room walls...so we need to find a better way to put them up again. We got most of the room done just before nap, so we let the trio loose in there a few min before laying them down...not a great idea, they were too jazzed about the new pad to sleep. They had such happy faces as they looked in their new bedroom door, then they really enjoyed running back and forth in all the new space. They have so much more room now, it actually makes their cribs look small all of a sudden LOL.
The kiddos are not eating all that great, still warm and coughing too...poor babies I hope they are better soon.

We left the big bookshelf in the other room, so just brought a few things over to put on this smaller one. Had to put up our caricature so Momma and Daddy are watching over the babies :)
I loved these books when I was a kid...can't wait until the trio is ready for them.
The decals that will be going up in a couple weeks.

Walking into their new room :)

Ready for nap time...NOT.


RaeSchuft said...

you've got that bookshelf anchored to the wall right? I already have visions of Xan scaling it lol... Love the room though! Looks so big!

Photogrl said...

The room looks great! The decals will be cute, too!

TripMomma said...

Thanks guys!

The book shelf is not anchored yet, but they are not allowed in there to play, just to sleep...and with the crib tents they can't get out. When they are older and in there for play time and the crib tents are off, we will strap it down. Thanks for looking out :)

Angela said...

It's adorable! Great use of the space! And I need to get the name of your crib tents for future reference!