Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We've been robbed!

Well that is what Xander, Hayden and Lily thought when they woke up from their naps today LOL. We have been wanting to buy a new flat screen TV and have it mounted up on the wall for a while now, I am tired of worrying that Xander in one of his many escapes over the gate will pull our huge dinosaur of a TV onto him. We went today and picked out a 42" LG that Best Buy was running a 3 year zero interest deal on....can't beat that! Lucky us they had an install spot open for tomorrow, so this afternoon after we put the trio down for their nap Jason took our old TV over to Grandma's. You should have seen the kids faces when they got up and realized it was gone. Poor suckers, they kept handing me the remote with this fix it look. Lily especially was cranky, I think we need to have a little more TV free time. We don't have it on cartoons more than 3 or so hours a day but they sure seem to be used to the distraction, they were like an addict coming off crack.

Noticing it's gone, Lily throwing a fit and Hayden asking where it went...

I did manage to calm them down for a little while by allowing them to each have their own snack container. They thought they were so cool, they went and sat in their little chairs and just smiled back and forth at each other. There was some spillage, but it did help them learn the '5 second rule'...or actually more like the 'beat the dog rule' LOL!

Quick beat the dog!!!

I think my son is starting to notice pretty girls already. If any of my Victoria Secret catalogs go missing I know under which crib to check. I was looking through their clothes catalog when I noticed Xander was looking intently over my shoulder. I looked at him and said 'you think those girls are pretty Buddy?' then he smiled and started pointing and helping me turn pages LOL. Little ladies man.

Thanks to Janene at Perfecting Imperfection we have our very first Blog Award...awww thanks for thinking of us!!

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Photogrl said...

How cute are they sitting and eating their snack!?!