Friday, March 5, 2010

I am ready for my close up!

My dear friend Gayle is on a fundraising committee for our NICU, and sister NICU's. They are having a big lunch event in May, I went in today to lend our story and some pics to be played during the lunch. When I got there I almost bolted because I saw a video camera. I was like uh uh this is supposed to be just voice, you didn't say anything about video LOL. Thankfully it is just a voice over while they show the pictures, my recording went great I only had to do 3 takes...woohoo I am a natural! I can't wait for the lunch, it's going to be so wonderful!

Not so great news, we had to take Xander in to the Doctor today. His hives came back and he has been running a fever between 101 and 102 all day. They think he is just starting to come down with some virus but that it should just run its course and he will be OK. My poor sweet boy, I hate it when they get sick.

Some pics of me and the trio messing around today.

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Angela said...

Sorry to hear Xander is sick! Hope he is better soon. Makena has a weird rash that looks like chickenpox, but only about 12 spots? Weird. Exciting news about the NICU. Hope you can play it hear for us to watch!