Friday, September 30, 2016

Nice going cray cray.

Vet visit for this little PITA today. After getting home from her BH test Saturday she hurt herself and started limping on one of her back paws. We didn't think too much of it, little Miss Cray Cray hurts herself fairly often, but after a day or two she is usually good as new. Sunday the paw was swollen and she still wouldn't put any weight on it. We gave her until Wednesday to get better on her own, but when there was really no change for the better we made an appointment. The vet got us in today.


Seems she broke a toe. Nothing really to do besides trying to keep her semi quiet for the next 3-4 weeks...HA! The vet did do our OFA paperwork to get her dentition and heart health testing certificates, so that was nice.
She turns 2 on October we will be doing her hips and elbows testing then.

Grandma came over to kick start Costume creations 2016.
Teen Titans here we come!

One little 8 year old girl is ready for deodorant. My babies are growing up too fast.
The choosing process was funny, it took a while and involved a lot of sniff the whole family LOL.
We went with an aluminum free TOM' a Fresh Apricot scent.
Kid tested, Mom approved Hahaha.

Beautiful sunset tonight.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This is more like it Jericho.

Jericho got to stay home from school today. We hit up a park for an hour or so then I took him for a quick Doctors visit and a recheck with the Dentist.

 The park was a blast, the shot not so much...but the best news is that his teeth look great now!

Selfie with Mom.

Awww love this boy.

Fun stuff.

Such a good little patient.

I found 4 little surprises today. I think they are close to 2 days old already. I thought their momma didn't take so I put her back in the doe tractor. Ooops.

Too bad none of the babies are otters like mom. I should have some from another doe soon enough.
Mom is the black otter...sneaky girl.
These are possibly Dr. Colosso's last babies, he is up for sale or dinner soon.

Monday, September 26, 2016

This years breeders, next years dinner.

President Business is looking good, he has been a good boar for us this first year. His two litters were very uniform and had a good number of nice breeder worthy piglets. We are going to keep him 1 more year before we really start to contemplate making him dinner.
Such a hunk.

He has to be pushing 200-250 lbs I think.
Just chilling with the hogs.

He is a pretty mellow guy.
I have big hands...his legs are a very full thick handful.

Uni Piggie is gaining weight and condition back. Both girls still have 1 daughter on them, I was kind of hoping it would keep them from coming back into heat until at least December. I really don't want winter litters...early spring should be doable, but winter would be cold and snowy.
Little Miss Queen Bee there with her.
Wild Style has regained her condition and is looking great. She blew all her hair this summer, so she has that to grow back. We will be processing her after her next litter. She is a gorgeous sow, but with so many inverted nipples she is not an efficient brooder. We kept her daughter, Chic, hopefully she doesn't have the same teat problem.
Going to be sad to see her go.
Uni Piggie is a big sweetie...just love her nature.

I had planned to hang on to Honcho as a future breeder...but have decided to put him up for sale. If he doesn't sell I won't be heartbroken, but someone could get their hands on a nice little boar prospect. He is a little hunk just like his Dad!
Tank and Boss Man are both sold and gone now, so Honcho is my only boarling left. We still have 3 meat piglets...but Jason may be butchering one for a get together with friends in a couple weeks.

Queen Bee is growing nicely...she is looking so much like her momma, only improved thanks for Business.

That is Raven on the left with Queenie. Raven is starting to look better...I still don't love her super long nose and weaker looking trotters...but Business should be able to fix those things in their babies.
Wild Style's gilt, Chic, is thankfully taking after her mom too. I will feel so much better processing Wild Style if I have her mini to carry on for her. She is exactly what I want in a sow, hopefully Chic keeps growing in that direction.

Last pic of all the boys together. Now we are down to 4.
Wooly Bears everywhere!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

We did it!!

Kitsune and I went for her BH today...and she got it!! 6 handler and dog teams entered for their BH and 5 passed, the judge was very kind...and a little generous here and there :) He flew in from Switzerland to judge the Working Dutch Shepherd trial this weekend.

Kitsune had performed better during our practices than she did today for the real deal...but I was nervous, the field owner had hay crap going on behind us, there were a lot of people and dogs I guess it is pretty normal to have some performance level changes. At least we passed!

I was so happily surprised to have these pictures thanks to someone who came to watch a family member compete.

Love that focus Kitsune...if only I could get you to do this during our heeling. Something to work on.
Here we go!

Doing her long down back there while Maki and Riley have their turn.
Here is a little info and diagram on what Kitsune and I had to do to be awarded our BH.

The BH test asks for....

Part A...obedience portion.

 At the beginning of each trial portion, the handler and dog team must report in to the judge in a sportsmanlike manner.

The team enters the field, with the dog on lead and at a heel, they report to the judge and shake hands. Each exercise begins and ends in the "basic position". The dog sits straight , on the left side and next to the handler, with his right shoulder blade at knee height. From this position, at the judges signal, comes the building up of all the obedience exercises. The handler must show a minimum of 10 paces before the performance of the exercises.

Dog and handler will walk approximately 40-50 paces without stopping. The dog is to stay in the heel position. After traveling about 40-50 paces, the handler will make an about turn. Then heel at a run for 10 paces, a very slow walk for 10 paces, then back to normal for 10 paces. After showing the changes of pace the team will demonstrate a right turn, a left turn, and another about turn with a minimum of 10 paces between each.

Then they will move into a group of people and figure 8 through the group, stopping at least once in the middle.

Next the team performs all of the above once again, only this time they are Free -Heeling AKA off leash.
During the free heeling portion the team will perform a "Sit out of motion". Heeling position, 10 - 15 paces normal speed, sit...the dog stays put while the handler walks on, minimum of 30 normal paces, stop. Turn around look to the judge to be instructed to return to the dog. Return to the dog and back in the heel position.
Continuing the heel the team then performs a "Down with recall". Heeling position, 10 - 15 paces normal speed, down...the dog stays put while the handler walks on, minimum of 30 normal paces, stop, turn around and when the judge gives the OK, call your dog. The dog comes quickly, sits in the judges OK, the dog is told to heel. The dog then returns to the heel position.

Final step of Part A...Down under distraction. The dog is put on a down, stay. The handler walks 30 paces away and waits for the judge to signal to return to the dog...usually 7-8 minutes later, another dog/handler team takes the field to do their obedience portion while the dog is on the down.

 Part B Traffic test
1- On the judges signal, the team proceeds at a normal pace while a jogger runs by, a bicycle is ridden by and a car drives slowly by. The dog is not to pay overt attention to any of the distractions.

2- On the judges signal the team will enter into a group of strangers, they will walk around the team, stopping to move in closer and shaking hands. The group of people will back up, the dog is put on a down, and the group returns to circle the team again. The dog is not to engage with the group of people.

3- Handler walks a short distance and ties dog to a fence, ring in wall, etc. Handler then goes out of sight for 2 minutes. Dog may stand, sit or lie down. A passerby will pass with another leashed dog about 5 paces away from the one tied. Dog should allow this with no aggressive tendencies.

During the traffic portion.

WE DID IT!!! So proud of you are a crazy girl, I almost can't believe you passed LMAO!
The wonderful, very kind to a nervous newbie, judge Mr. Lars Czylwik.

CH Kitsune de las Flores BH UWP CAT
Beauty, brains and incredible physical ability....not to mention an amazing family and farm dog! Truly so impressed with this girl!
After the weight of the BH test was over...Jason and I took the munchkins on a little hike out behind our property.
A little snack along the way.

Beautiful...going to have to come back when the leaves are more turned for Fall.
A couple salamanders we found.

We started losing light, time to head back.

Such a gentleman holding up the branches so I could pass.