Wednesday, August 30, 2017

10 little piggies.

The 10 remaining piglets are doing pretty good. I have 5 that are pretty beefy, 2 that are almost there and just 3 that are on the small side. Two of the smaller ones are digging the goat milk, hopefully I can convince the 3rd one soon.
Cute piglets everywhere...or pigits, my little name I use to call them!

So far I am seeing more of the KuneKune piglets are belly rub friendly than my AGH litters. With the AGHs we had a few in the litters that were belly rub friendly with a little work, more that got that way with extra work...and some that while not aggressive were not exactly friendly either. This KK litter are almost all belly rub friendly with little work. I'm still super glad we made the switch, the start up expense for our breeding stock was double that of the AGHs...but in the areas I wanted to see very worth it.

Some have bigger booties than others LOL.

Lucy, the little cream colored gilt, is just smoochable.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Three 3rd graders and a 1st grader.

These guys were just babies like yesterday. I don't know how they are going into the 3rd and 1st grade. They are all so grown, caring, funny, kind and just a wee bit on the good looking side if I do say so myself.

Xander, my oldest son. I hope the 3rd grade is wonderful for you, I can't wait to watch you learn and grow this year. Stay kind and are the most generous soul, don't change...but don't let them take advantage of you.
Hayden Cheyenne, I hope you can try new things this year...even if you are worried you won't be perfect at them. You are an amazing young lady with so many talents.
Lily Bug, I hope you find something that you are passionate about and give it 100% this year. You are so great at so many things. Oh and Bug, try to not get so you were this morning LOL.
Remember to always love your sister, never take her for granted...and try not to bicker too much.
So proud of you three, love you so very much.
Mr. Jericho I know you are a wild boy...but sometimes we have to rein it in for just a little bit, like the school day LOL. You are so smart, and your reading is incredible, try to keep focused at school and get your energy out at home.
We love you little buddy, you make us smile every day.

Brothers always have each others back...and always take care of their sisters.

Be good to each other, remember family first.
Now that the sappy mom stuff is over...I give you piglets!! Wee little name I use to call them LOL A few are doing better now, still a couple on the small side that need to catch up. I got one of the smallest to taste goat milk, thanks Heidi. It took a few tries to convince him I wasn't trying to give him poison. Eventually he caught on and loved it.
He takes spoonfuls like it's his job LOL.
His face...adorable.

Matilda is still kinda cranky with us...but she is doing her best for these babies.

The two beef cakes in the litter are spending some time in the house. Hopefully some of the smaller ones can get a peaceful meal with these two bruisers out of the way.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Not so great day.

These things never get any easier. We have lost two piglets out of our litter of 12. Such big litters are rare for a reason. Hopefully we don't lose any more.

This guy is a bruiser...biggest in the litter since day 1.

The two girls left...the cream one is Lucy, she will be staying here. Fingers crossed we don't lose her.
These guys are almost a week old now. I have 3 or 4 that are growing well. 3 or 4 don't look like they are doing as well though...hopefully they can catch up.

Piggie pile.

My baby goats are looking so grown up.

Miss Skeeter is doing a great job, she alarms at the slightest out of the norm noise. She is going to be such an asset to our little farm.

Love this pic...10 piglet booties!
2 weeks, give or take, to go. My always crazy fit Dutchie is starting to get a little belly.