Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We took the kids over to Uncle Skunks hood to ToT this year. This was the second year of Trick or Treating for the triplets, and they were so ready. Last year at almost 2 1/2 they did really well, they seemed to get the whole saying "trick or treat" at the doors but they were still a bit young to really enjoy it.

This year they really got it, in fact it was hard to slow them down LOL. They knocked like mad on people's doors, despite us trying to stop them after a couple knocks LOL, and YELLED "trick or treat" or Happy Halloween" over and over and over. Xander tried to open, and close, almost every single door we came to. And Hayden kept trying to go inside people's houses. Thankfully everyone thought they were adorable and didn't seem unhappy with their antics. It was a fun hour, and best of didn't rain! By the end of the night the kids were totally freighted by their little plastic pumpkins and had us doing the carrying between houses LOL. We actually weighed the candy because I was curious...all three combined got 9 1/2 lbs of goodies. Don't you worry, being the good parents that we are we will be sure that the kids don't eat it all ;)

We added the last of the milk jug ghosts and lit candles in our ghost jars before we left.

They were really excited in the car on the way to Uncle Scott's.

Off we go to the first house!

The trio were a little scared by all the decorations but once the candy was flowing that went away LOL.

Jericho had a fun 1st Halloween, he also turned 10 months old today!

A couple times he got down in there with his brother and sisters :)

The girls loved holding their Uncle's hand, Xander was a bit harder to keep up with.

They saw some fellow milk jug ghosts.

A number of the homeowners were dressed up, but this guy was probably our fave. If you look close you can tell he is a peeping Tom LOL!

Look at poor Lily hauling that heavy load. By the end of the night when we would hand her back the bucket to go up to the next house she took it without any enthusiasm...kinda like OK, I'm checking in for work LOL.

Getting full!

All done, having one piece of candy with Uncle Skunk before heading home.

Three full pumpkins, next to one tired pumpkin. The kids all went to bed without a peep.

This is what 9 1/2 lbs of junk looks like :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Really son?!

Xander, Xander, Xander. I haven't been posting about nap (on the very rare occasion that there is one) or bed time fiasco's...not that they aren't still happening but if I posted about it all the time there wouldn't be room for much else. Today was extra special though, so I thought I would share. The triplets room looks nothing like it did the first few days of big kid beds. You may need to be reminded of how cute and clean it once was LOL. The decals have all been ripped off the walls, a couple of the kids mattresses have holes and they pull more "stuffing" out of them daily, the radio and baby monitor have been removed because they wouldn't leave them alone, a couple of their wood blinds have broken slats now, there is a small hole in the wall...which we still can not figure out how they did that, they have broken parts of their beds and the knobs to their drawers have had to be confiscated from them one by one. The room is in a sad state. Our one last saving grace was the hole we drilled at the top of their closet door, which we stuck a nail through, as a way to lock the closet. At least they can't get in their and pull all their clothes down...thank goodness for that. Are you seeing where this is going? 

I had a moment of panic when I walked into their room this morning and saw three empty beds. The panic changed to a muttered "oh shit" when I heard giggles coming from inside their closed closet. Yes folks, Xander moved Lily's bed over to the closet, climbed up and removed the nail...little turd. They had not had the chance to totally remove everything, but by the looks of them they were planning on a fashion show, as they had removed what they were wearing and were in the process of redressing in new clothes. I guess we should have seen this coming, Xander has been moving her bed to the center of the room...right under the light. We pull the chain to turn the light on and off since they would not leave the knob alone. So he figured out he could move her bed under the light, stand up on it and pull the chain over, and over, and over.

We fixed his wagon yet again. Jason NAILED the beds to the floor LOL. They are just little finishing nails so they didn't do much damage and aren't really noticeable. So far it seems to be working...though I am sure Xan will find a way to still cause trouble.

Our lock system.

How I found my little break in artists.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. I do have to brag on Xander, can't let you think he is nothing but trouble :) He made this Potato Head and came to tell me it was a baby spider. You will notice it has extra arms...not quite 8 but the boy was on the right track :)

Saying goodnight to Jericho LOL.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boo Bash fun!

Some new friends invited us to a costume party tonight. I offered to bring these cute Halloweenie cupcakes that I saw on Pinterest. The kids helped a little, until they lost their damn minds because they couldn't eat any right then and there.

The owl cupcakes turned out pretty cute. Also finished a few more ghost jugs.

You need 2 Oreo's, 2 black Reese's Pieces and 1 orange per cupcake.

I never knew how much skill it actually takes to open an Oreo without messing up the filling LOL.

The kids had so much fun at the party, it was a packed house...lost of other families, toys, crafts, yummy food. It was a great time!

The only kid to get scared of anyone was Xander. This giant (notice the blocks on the feet) Frankenstein really freaked him out. He never actually cried, but he froze covered his mouth and wouldn't take his eyes off him. One time Xander saw him coming our way, he grabbed my hand and started backing up, at the last second Frankenstein went another way...Xander said "whew that was close" bwahahaha!

My crafty kids of course spent a lot of time at the craft table. Where they actully used their own glue bottles and safety scissors. I can think of two things they are now going to want to do themselves at home.

It was a fun couple of hours, but by the end the kids were ready to go home and get to bed. Especially Lily, she kept telling us she was ready to go home. That is so much nicer than the usual meltdowns when something fun ends.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jason & Katrina 2, Zombies 0!

 If you know me, you know I fricking HATE zombies. In total honesty the thoughts of a zombie apocalypse can keep me up at nights. It is in my top worst fears, right along side demon possession, the end of the world, some super bug or germ warfare crap, to name a know, all the biggies :) A local airsoft arena put on a haunted house/zombie hunt...and even though one with a pretty bad fear of zombies would usually skip such an event, the whole actually getting to shoot them made it all good.
 We went with Scott and Amber, the kiddos were all home with Grandma...safely away from any icky zombies. Each person got a helmet/mask, a pump action "shotgun" and 10 airsoft "bullets," oh and a yellow "flag" that if the zombies got them off you, well, you were dead. The arena was huge, think warehouse, then they had zig zagging "halls" everywhere built with plywood. It was foggy, dark and in some area's they had strobes going off. They had a number of fake zombies and other props to help throw you off, and the real zombies came at you from every direction.
 We went through the course twice, the first time it was just the four of us, Jason and I took point while Scott and Amber covered the rear. It was pretty funny, we ran it just like our "training" taught us...all those hours playing Socom paid off LOL. I had to take down a couple Zombies that tried to get me and Jason had a couple super close calls but we both made it. Scott and Amber got taken out, but they went down blasting away :)  The second time all four of us made it out alive! Go us!

After some zombie killing Jason and I went out to a club for a friends Bday. It has been what 4 or 5 years since we were out all night dancing at a club. It was really fun night, but dang how did we used to do this 2 or 3 nights a week and still get up for work LOL!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A pre Pre-K visit.

Since the triplets will be starting Pre-K in just a little over a week, we thought it would be a good idea for them to meet their teacher and see their classroom. We did go by and play at the playground there last week, they had a blast, but thought one more visit would probably help things go smoothe come 11/2. Yeah right, I am sure they are going to cry or freak out...which is pretty normal for most kids, but this made me feel like we at least gave them a heads up. They are going to have a lot to learn, new rules, new ways to play, new kids, new people to listen to. I am actually a little scared for them. All I can think of is Kindergarten Cop. Especially when the little girl doesn't want to join police time on the carpet, she wants to be a princess, and gets sad because he is yelling at her and trying to make her. To say this will be hard for me is a huge understatement, look up worry wart and control freak in the dictionary and you will see pictures of me. In the last, almost, 3 1/2 years I have left my kids with a whole 5 people, and one of those is their father. I hope they love it, so many years are spent in school, I really don't want them to get started off on a bad note.

Their class!

They had fun checking it out for about 30 min, playing with a couple toys. Then the teacher made two of them cry by being a little gruff when telling them it was time to put the toys away. Oh boy :(

On our way out we went by their inside play area, this is where they will play at recess when it is too cold or wet to go outside.

Jericho had some fun playing too.

When we got home Jason's Grandpa Frank and Miss Betty came by to bring the kids a few Halloween gifts.

Hayden started out shy as usual but she warmed up to the Great Grands soon enough.
We also got new gutters put on the house the other day...woohoo just in time for the rain!

My husband who never thinks to take pictures of me with the kids unless I ask him had to take it upon himself to get this one. I have no idea what Xander is doing, but yeah he was following me around that close for about 5 min. He is lucky I am not his father, I am sure you can all guess what he would have done LOL.