Monday, July 23, 2012

Cleanse diet day 2.

Day 2 of the cleanse, veggies. OMG a plain, and I mean plain, baked potato has never ever tasted so good in my life. Lets hope a day of veggies is a step up from yesterday. It is funny what all of a sudden looks amazing when you are fricking starving. A whole day of fruit is just not my idea of a good time, you know when you can't have it atop ice cream or yogurt or heck I would have even taken cottage cheese LOL. Though I am 2 1/2 lbs lighter after just one day.
Oh good God the kids had Mac&Cheese and PB&J for lunch, I was this >< close to locking myself in my bedroom...torture, plain and simple.
And one last thing...Pinterest is the Devil when you are starving...that is all.

To help keep our minds off how hungry we are we had our friend, and tattoo artist extraordinaire, over for a lunch playdate with her boys...and tossed in a little tatt time :)
Jason is still working little by little on his dragon. So I just get a small thing or two since she is mostly busy with him. I am OK with this trade off, his is much more painful :)

Amanda working hard.
This is Latin for "everything happens for a reason" No truer words have ever been spoken, err tattooed, to sum up my entire life. From my parents not being around, to all the hoops we had to jump through to get our children here and everything in between...yup, everything happens for a reason. I have to thank a fellow MoM's for giving me this idea, I LOVE it!

I also got this little one. It is the Viking Rune Inguz.

It means roughly... In Norse tradition, it was the women who fulfilled the rites of fertility and sexuality. They brought the "wagon" from the spirit world to earth. This wagon brought fertility and fecundity to the Earth - important rite to keep the Earth fertile and its people fed.

The modern use of Inguz is potentiality of power in the subconscious, mainly the storing and release of creativity. Another meaning is inherent in the shape of Inguz (diagonal square), which is the first chain in DNA. This other meaning could deal with genetic inheritances and reincarnation (passing on of life force). Even though we see Inguz in an urban way, it is still a representation of the "grain god" of other cultures, which represent birth, life, and harvest. Bread and grains are still important sources of food in our society.

When drawn, this rune shows a completion of the past and the rebirth of a new present. After tilling the ground, it is time to plant and grow. This cycle is a time of recognizing potentials and making that first step towards a goal that is compatible with your gifts and genetic inheritances.
Although a powerful rune, Inguz does not release energy to the goal immediately, but it charges and then sends energy to your goal in one burst of power, which is one of the reasons why this rune is a rune of fertility.

This so fits LOL! Go GIRL power!

All the kids had a good time, they played outside until after lunch then came in and watched some TV. After some argument we found something that all 6 of them would sit and watch LOL. X-Men rule!
Little Buddy passed out, I couldn't help myself I had to take a picture Hehehe.
Amanda also makes hair clips, she gave us girls each one. Look at Lily's is like the Princess Holy Grail :)

Thanks Amanda...unitl next time :)

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