Saturday, April 30, 2016

Now that's a fire.

Our neighbor two properties over has been such a big help since we moved in, if we need something remotely farm help related she has been our first call. Today we went over to spend some time at her property. When ever I think 10 acres is a lot to care for I mentally slap myself with her 75 acres LOL. Today she was burning a huge pile of trees and wood. It was so big and so hot you couldn't even stand near it for a while.

Look at those tall flames.

The kids tested the heat barrier.

Lily was about kicking back.

We pulled out some dogs and marshmallows to toast. Such a fun...and late, night.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring concert.

The trio performed in their school's spring concert today...I wish my video didn't end up so long, it was so awesome. I just love their school, we really lucked out!

Granite is going this stuff is heavy.

Now I think I may need to stain the cabinets LOL....I swear it is a never ending list of projects.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

On a stake out.

Shhh I'm on a turkey nest stake out. I managed to follow both girls back to their VERY well hidden nests, keeping a good 20 feet away and ducking behind trees. This is too much LOL.

I was able to snap a pic of one of the turkey nest so I got to do an egg count, 8 for her...hopefully I can get a pic of the other girls nest soon.

Daryl is awfully proud of himself...poor guy needs a good molt so his new feathers can emerge LOL.

The kids built popsicle stick rafts, then took them out to the mud puddles to have a raft race. I love all the nice weather and outdoor fun!

Lily has made a deal with her Dad, she has cut back her TV time to 1 hour a day and plays outside for at least an hour....if she does this for a week we will buy her a hermit crab. She has wanted to call the deal off at least once a day...but she is doing it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rut row...too many boys.

When you buy chicks from the feed store or hatchery you usually have a 90% chance of getting girls, I have only been burned and got boys once. When you hatch your own your rate of getting boys goes way up. Out of our 14 chicks I was hoping for at least 8-10 is not looking like that is going to happen though. They say you never know for sure until a chicken crows or lays, but at 5 weeks old here is how they are looking.

I think this one is a girl, I also think she is an EE and, fingers crossed, will lay blue eggs.

This one I am 99% sure is a little EE roo.

I am pretty sure this is a girl and looks to be a Salmon Faverolle mix.

Girl I think, she came from my Olive Egger so hopefully she will lay olive colored eggs too.

Another EE roo I think.

This one I am having a hard time with...probably a boy with my luck, but the jury is still out. Jasmine is our only Barred Rock hen so I know this one is hers.

I was hoping this one was a girl, even though 9 times out of 10 black and white EE's are boys....I think it will end up being a roo.

Another roo.

These two are girls I Olive Egger and a Salmon Fav mix.

Another EE boy.

Olive Egger roo I'm pretty sure.

Olive Egger girl I think.

Another boy. So that is what 8, maybe 9 boys out of 14...ugh. Jason better get good at butchering chickens....if anyone wants a roo let me know LOL.
Our next indoor project got underway yesterday....time to get the old counters off so my granite can go on! We had lots of helpers who all wanted a turn with the hammer.

Ready to install, can't wait. I have had granite in my last two houses, I love's been a long 10 months without it.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beautiful day at the beach!

I don't know how it happened, but a weekend that was supposed to be nothing but rain turned out to be gorgeous instead. We spent the whole day at the beach and Fort Steven's today with everyone. I tried my best to weed my hundreds of photos down.

Hailee got a turn to drive on the beach.

Allie and Co drove Jason's truck...lots of smiles, a few screams and plenty of cookies in the sand ensued.

Everyone got a turn at the wheel.

As the kids in our car got done with their turns they jumped in the bed of Auntie Allie's fun mobile.

Kitsune did not actually get a turn.

She did love playing keep away with the guys.

Run, run, run.

Hayden is always on the hunt for neat finds.
We headed over to the Fort Steven's base. Keep away continues.

We discovered a new Kitsune trick. She is such a beast...what an athletic dog.

She jumped it with no hesitation or problems.

Back out with her toy.

I got the kids to cooperate for a few photos. Such cuties!

My handsome boys.

All the girl cousins...except for Miss Allyson in Iowa.
Kitsune's toy accidentally ended up stuck in a tree. Adam risked life and limb to climb up and get it down....only to have Kitsune forget it there when we left, doh.

Miss Rowan, your Auntie loves you!

A little snack at the fort bakery.

Going in...Kitsune wasn't bothered by the pitch black, she was at the lead the whole time.

Fun in an Army truck.

She has been such a good girl this trip.
Those freckles!!!

Everyone but the baby wanted a pic on the stairs.
One of my many faves from today!
Brothers and Sisters...we miss those that couldn't be here.
Thanks brother LOL.

Auntie Amber and Hailee.

Studying some flowers.

Back to the beach one more time.

More keep away, this dog can go all day.

Cutest Yoda look alike ever.

Uncle Rick and Cousin B.

She wanted to bite the waves...and Dutchies are supposed to be smart LOL.

Someone got caught in the ship wreck as the tide started coming in

Then these three got knocked down by a little wave..time to go home LOL Such a great day, I am already sad the Allie and Co leave tomorrow.