Friday, March 27, 2015

This is more like it.

We are getting a nice break from the rain again, sadly there is rain returning in a few days. Summer hurry up!
 The kiddos are taking advantage while they can, they had a little picnic lunch out front today.

Kitsune is enjoying the sun too...lots of fetch time.

She is looking so grown up, can't believe she is 5 months old already.

Haddie lost anther tooth today, they have to be almost done with losing teeth LOL.

My chickie poo's are loving their new run. They are looking so grown up too. Hopefully we will start getting some eggs this summer!

I still think we got lucky and all the chickens are actually girls. Belle here is the only one that gives me pause, she is so bossy and does the leader thing. I guess another month or so and I should be able to tell for sure for sure LOL.

Kitsune has been working on her jumping on command. She is so smart and athletic, I am such a fan of Dutchies now...I already want a second one LOL.

My two trouble makers.

We have gotten a lot of roof work done during this rain break. The kids idea of "helping" kinda sucks. They either want to make a mess of my house, climb up on the ladder and give me a heart attack.

Or they like to chill in the sun while we do all the hard work. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Spring is here...and so is the rain. Come on I want to get the roof done so we can list already. I have fallen in love with, and lost out on, 5 houses now while we wait. #6 is awesome and I hope she waits for us.

 The kiddos have fallen in love with the old school Scooby-Doo show, Amazon Fire TV is so awesome...they have gotten to watch so many old TV shows. Jason saw these at the store and couldn't resist. They were an instant fave.

What do you do when a little jerk 4 year old armed with a pair of scissors cuts off your whiskers? Well if you are the sweetest cat in the world you do nothing, you sit there and take it...even though your mom wouldn't have blamed you one bit if you took a small chunk out of said 4 year old. Poor OJ.

Hayden made this portrait of Jericho all by herself...we didn't even know she was working in the craft room. She used buttons for the eyes and string around the mouth. We told her it was so awesome, so she decided to make one for each of the kids.

Pretty great job Haddie! Love them!
Kitsune has made a full recovery after her bee incident...back to causing trouble.

She is weighing in at a whopping 37 lbs pocket Dutchie is starting to grow.

Spring has sprung...the apple tree is flowering, so pretty.

When it is too wet to work on your roof you put your hubby to work on making your chicken run bigger.

We ran out of daylight to get it totally done, but it is close. It is now 5 1/2 feet X 14 feet...they are going to love all the room. The girls are just a few days away from moving outside permanently...I can't wait!

A little Xander funny from yesterday.
Xander...Hayden come here I found something incredible!
Hayden....What, What?
Xander...Look, it's a roly poly.
Hmm our definitions of incredible differ I guess LOL.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Playing catch up.

We have been crazy busy the last couple of weeks...I have a lot to catch up on.

The triplets classmate Novella came over for a play date. I tried, in a half ass way, to make them princess shoe cupcakes since the girls all dressed up in princess dresses. The girls loved them, but they were not a exactly a Pinterest win LOL. Hayden and Lily got to go have a sleep over at Novella's, they had a great is nice they just live 3 or 4 minutes up the road.
Xander has joined his sisters in expressing himself with writing. This is a note he wrote to his mom and dad about Hayden hurting him. All I could think of is "He squeezed and pulled and hurt my neck in 1988" any other Rain Man fans here?! LOL.

We decided to put a new roof on the house before we put it on the market. I am so glad Jason knows how to roof a house...what can my man not do, so lucky! We have been having amazing weather...right until we started tearing shingles off. Then we hit about a week of rain and had to take a break while living under a couple giant blue tarps. The pride of the cul de sac I'm sure Hahaha.
We get up and do work every chance we get, but with the rain it has been hard.

We have a cute little helper, Xander has actually been really helpful. The others have been great at totally destroying the house while we are up on the roof.

We had to take a break when Kitsune got in a fight with a bee and lost. $150 later we had a doped up, but alive puppy who is apparently allergic to bee stings. I didn't know dogs could go into anaphylactic shock, my other dogs just needed a little Benadryl when they got stung. So scary, I thought she was a goner. Her gums were as white as her teeth, she was throwing up and her face was lumpy and swollen. I was a mess. The vet gave us steroids to carry and told us to always have Benadryl. They said the injections at the vet (which is what she had today) are better but in a pinch steroids and Benadryl would be pretty good.

A little rain break...getting a little more done. This would have only taken 3 or 4 days if the weather would cooperate...but it's not so we will probably be doing this slowly over the next 3 weeks.

More notes from Xan. He accidentally hit me with a stick, next thing I know he comes to me with a card. So sweet.

We had a nice day come in between the rainy ones...Lily came out and asked me if I wanted to see her "Wish bubble". The others joined in with their own wish bubbles...but I detect a theme.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A girl and her chickens.

My kids want to live on a farm, can't say I disagree. They have already been talking about the bunnies and goats they want if we ever live on a farm....hear that dream house on 2 acres, bunnies and goats!!
Today Haddie and I spent a little time with a few of our chickies out in the sunshine.

Elsa is getting bigger, she is the most skittish of our chickens...but mostly she is skittish about the other chickens, not so much people. Silly thing.

One of my faves of the day.

New Jasmine is a bossy thing, she is really getting her stripes in now too, she must think she is hot stuff.

Get over here bird LOL.

Both watching out for a bee.

Luckily Hayden did not get pooped on LOL.

Belle only allowed us a few moments. She is the head honcho of our flock it seems, and the cluckiest of all the girls.

I love this weather...something tells me we are in for a hot summer this year.

I almost cried when I checked on the kids before heading to bed the other night. Miss Hayden...AKA Daddy's Girl, left her Dad this note on the edge of her bed. He has been on back to back doubles and hasn't gotten to see the kids in a couple days, he is missed.

Kitsune got herself stuck in the swing...I tried to leave her there a while but eventually had to go help her get out LOL.

We are trying to weed through junk and get a head start on packing for our upcoming move, I ran into this gem. 14 and at Glamour Shots, is there anything better HAHAHA!