Sunday, August 30, 2020

Jericho, you're killing me.

The fuzzies got to check out the yard with Jericho today. They are settling in really well.

Such a jerk. I hate heights. I really hate my kids being unsafe. Jericho knows both of these things. So when he is helping his Dad shingle the roof, and I come out the see how it’s going....I get treated to this garbage. Almost had a heart attack. Yeah had to take pics, because he wasn’t going to stop anyways.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Tryouts...will there be games??

Tryouts today for Hayden. She did pretty good, for a newbie, and made the team. This is the same tournament team she got on this spring, but they never got to play thanks to Covid. Hoping she can really get some practice and the ins and outs of this sport down this time. I think she has the potential to be every bit as good at softball as she is at basketball.

This cutie...spoiled for sure.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Scent work.

Tried out a new dog sport today. Kitsune and Baya had their first scent work class. I knew, based off our Barn Hunt experience, Kitsune would be a rock star...and she is. Though she could care less about hunting for food, but searched like crazy for different toys. Baya works for food, and while not as fast and enthusiastic as Kitsune, she did well. Another class next week, and lots of practice at home in between.

Play time with the slinkys. Based on their teeth it is likely these two are about 6-7 years old. Ferrets can live 8-10 years...sometimes more, sometimes less. These two sleep a lot, and Layla is a little thinner than I’d like. We got some salmon oil coming, we are offering a raw egg every day and trying chicken and turkey baby food to get Layla to eat more. Of course they don't have any interest in these new foods yet. The kids are playing with them off and on all day long. They are big fans.

Night snuggles with Baya Boop.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Pet sitting.

Kitsune had a dock diving practice today. We tried Air Retrieve for the first time...her longest AR was 14 feet not bad for her first time trying it.

We are ferret sitting for a while...possibly forever. The kids are having fun with Kitty and Layla. I used to have a couple back in my early 20's...been a long time.

These two stinkers got a bath and a nail trim right away.

We have had this big ferret nation cage for years, got it for the ratties way back when. Kitty and Layla are going to enjoy this cage for a bit. Lily asked if Rodney could use Kitty and Layla’s other cage until they go home. So he is also enjoying his new digs.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Dock Diver Kitsune.

First Dock Diving competition! 3 days of jumping fun. Kitsune got two qualifying jumps day 1. She jumped 14 ft and 14.9 feet on her two Qs. I need to learn to throw the toy better, I’m sure she can jump farther. Day 2 the stinker decided to bust out a 15.6 and a 16.6 foot jump. Which means no title this weekend sadly. So now we have 2 qualifying jumps for a Junior title (10-14.11ft) and 2 Qs for Senior (15-19.11ft) need 5 in one distance group for the first title. Well, good thing she likes it, since we will need to do another competition soon.

So much waiting, for 4 minutes on the dock per splash.

Kitsune is a fan of diving, not so much of all the waiting for her turn. It was a fun weekend though.