Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fun with family.

Uncle Scott and Auntie Amber came over for dinner and 3 or 4 hours of play time today. Jason made a yummy dinner and the triplets had so much fun playing with their Aunt and Uncle. They sure kept everyone entertained!

All of a sudden the Bumbo was a big hit today, it's so funny how things come in and out of favor.

Hmmm I think they are too big for the Bumbo. Some 6mo old blast from the past pics!

Lily still rocking the pony...every day LOL.

Fun with their Uncle and Auntie! The girls even got Amber in on a little ring around the rosie, and Uncle Scott did a little hokey pokey too. Playing some B-ball and catch were hits tonight, Hayden is getting pretty good at catching a ball.

I met with my doula and her back up/partner today. They are really nice ladies and I think we totally clicked. They seem to be really go with the flow and not pushy at all about anything. Which I guess is just how a doula should be :) We spent 2 hours chatting about all kinds of stuff and I am really looking forward to having one of them with me. I already feel a little less scared about giving birth vaginally, though even if I end up with a Csection I know she will be very valuable. I can't believe November is over...it's baby month YIKES!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I can't imagine if I had made it...

Today I hit 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant! This was my goal for the triplets that I missed by about a month. Now that I am here with just one baby I can't imagine how bad I would have felt being this far along with 3, kudos to all the triplet momma's who made it that far!!! I am over all doing pretty well, though things are getting harder. You should hear me huffing and puffing when I am putting on my shoes or picking up toys off the floor, and the whole turtle on it's back look while trying to get out of bed LOL. I am also starting to get a bit more uncomfortable and now instead of just getting up one time a night to pee it's more often twice a night.
My lopsided belly :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We are all just about over our little colds so we decided to go over to Grandma's for a couple hours. The kids looked so cute, Lily LOVED her dress and kept saying "pretty princess Lily" LOL. They did a pretty good job of listening over at Grandma's unbaby proofed house, nothing got broken, but man does 2 hours fly by fast when you are constantly policing three toddlers hahaha. Thank goodness for Jason, I am too big and too tired to chase them!
Xander looked so handsome.
Miss Hayden looked cute, despite her not wanting to cooperate with what we wanted her to wear.
Lily Bug was so happy and cute...she was just eating up the picture time :)

Fun at Grandma's!!!

Back home and changed for bed. Lily was very happy to be wearing something with penguins on it. We have been watching some Cat In The Hat episodes and one of them is a Penguin named Percy who is racing a sea gull...they cheer this penguin on by saying 'go Percy go, go go Percy go.' Lily was racing around the living room tonight repeating that cheer...though you can imagine that when a 2 year old says 'Percy' it doesn't quite come out PG LOL.

Talking about me being too dang big, Jason took these pics of me today as I am almost positive this is the last time I will be wearing non maternity jeans and a top. Thankfully the top was very loose and the belly band still fits around me Hahaha. 5 weeks to go if I make it all the way to my Csection date.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is that the hair style you wanted?

Lily has now fallen in love with her first pig tails, she is for sure our girly girl. She was in such a happy mood I just had to take some pictures, just look at those cute Bug smiles! They were all ready for bed and sporting their duct tape safety devices...it's too dang cold to be taking your clothes off during the night. It's supposed to be in the 30's and 40's this week...and that's the highs, lows in the teens and 20's LOL.

Hayden was happy too...happy Lily has taken all the hair fun for her. Though we still try to get her to let us do something every now and then.

Sweet boy.

Looks as though I have found a doula team to help support me and Jason during my hopeful VBAC. I can't wait to meet them and go over birth plans, it's getting close, 5 weeks or less...eeekkkk!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

More painting fun!

We did another fun painting craft today. The kids did a great job, they even painted many of the popsicle sticks themselves! They still had a joyous melt down when the craft was done but it was shorter than the last time LOL.

They remembered 'painting' and were really excited when we started breaking everything out.

They all did so great painting their sticks!
Almost done...Lily moved on to crayons.

The finished product!

Lily has a new funny thing she is doing, after eating a meal or snack she will rub her stomach and say "yummy yummy in my tummy." It is really funny, I was trying to get some video of her doing it but she was not working with me at all LOL. I did get this one of the girls kissing their baby brother awww. *trouble uploading tonight, will try again tomorrow*
Hayden really did it today, I know she is a Daddy's girl and all but today she wanted nothing at all from me all day. Including me pushing her chair up to the table at dinner, she actually told me "no, Daddy help" ouch.

I am 34 weeks pregnant today, yikes these pics make me look huge! Baby boy is doing well, lots of movement and he has the hiccups ALL THE TIME!