Monday, November 30, 2020


These things have been the best purchase lately. Indoor snowball fights multiple times a day. Today Lily learned her siblings do not care if she has an innocent hostage LOL.

Little Igor's pick up got delayed by a day, a bit lonely being the last one to go home. Extra fun and love for him. He heads home tomorrow.

Nothing makes your tree pop like zombie food coloring make up.

 wonder I have so much gray hair. Jericho is 9, and almost all of them are from him alone.

Hot cocoa concoction kind of night. The kids picked to add the chocolates for flavor. Pretty good garbage.

Jericho wrote a note for our elf Percy to take to Santa LOL. 


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Starting to look a lot like...

Decorating time. Christmas music all day!

Jericho's jam LOL.

Shot day, Frontline tonight...tomorrow they all head to their new homes.

Indoor snowball fight!


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving...saloon.

Morning studies, afternoon eats LOL

Ta-da Apple-sausage stuffing. So good, the only stuffing I actually like. 
Yes, Jason made it..I’m just putting it in the oven LOL.

Yup we went to Grandma's today. Normally it a big gathering, this time it was just the 6 of us and Grandma. Covid, the gift that keeps on giving.

When your kids are toasting with sparkling cider...and say “saloon” LMAO!

Cosmo...yes, please.

Lily Bug and Mom say g’night, we’re out. Came, saw, gobbled.


Saturday, November 21, 2020


Roof and siding done. Next, eaves, flashing and gutters, then get to work on the inside. 

Kitsune found a prize, of course then everyone wanted it.

Kitsune and Lycan standoff...she eventually won of course LOL.

Goaties enjoying the sun today...not a whole lot of that right left for the year.

Friday, November 20, 2020


Scent work class. We are trying to limit hot dog at source, and pay with hot dog when they find source. They still aren’t searching as hard for just the birch but we are getting there. I’m sure it’s my fault for not practicing at home, they would be paired much better by now. My studies have been taking up all my home time. They are making progress though. We did a couple searches with just scent and they did find it. 

26 pages of notes, 2 weeks to remember it all. Keep the coffee coming. 

Pretty sunset tonight.