Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Argh, Matey!

Woohoo Halloween! Do I even have to say this post is going to be insanely stuffed with photos? You all know me by now right?! LOL

We all decided to be Pirates this year, they were just store bought...even though the Potato Head costumes turned out awesome, I thought making 6 costumes 2 years in a row might be too much LOL.

I did get to dabble in using some makeup on the kids. I may have went a little nuts with the costume makeup on the girls. Didn't realize until I was doing it just how long I have been dying to make them up LOL.

While I was busy trying to take a picture of Lily's new look, Xander  was busy clicking off hundres of pictures on my phone. He does manage to get a good one now and then, but I seriously can't wait for him to open his very own camera that we got him for Christmas. I will be glad when I don't have to spend 5 minutes deleting Xander's unique pictures :) 

Lily totally enjoyed every second of getting her hair and makeup done....of course.

She was the only one that wanted a fake scar too. I love that I can usually count on one or 2 of the 4 to be cooperative in any given situation, just can't wait until all 4 of them can cooperate at the same time.
She is going to make one cute pirate!

Haddie was not at all into it...but she didn't want to be the only one without so she found herself in a dilema. In the end she did it, but wouldn't sit still and work with me so her makeup was kind of a mess...which totally works anyway :)

Xander trying to be Jack Sparrow, of course I haven't seen the movie in 4 years so I am not sure if I even came close LOL.
Here they be argh, ready to head off to school :)

My wee matey :)

After school we all headed over to Uncle Skunk's for pizza and trick or treating. The eye patch didn't last long, not as cool as they thought they would be...they didn't like not being able to see out of both eyes.

We just need a ship and we'll be good to go :)

Jericho's makeup didn't last long LOL.
Let the looting begin!

My happy bunch! They were so into it this year, they knew what to say and do...we could have totally stood back and let them do their own thing all night, but Jericho needed more hands on guidance.

We came to a house with a pirate, they wanted to take a pic of the pirate bunch.

Jericho would not get close...he did not trust the mannequin with the candy.

Then the mannequin moved and the trio learned that baby brother may just know a thing or two.
A cute pirate couple :)

We had quite the bunch ToTing with us this year. 6 adults, a teen, 4 four year olds and a could we not have fun??? Uncle Scott, Auntie Amber, Uncle Rick, Auntie Tia, Cousins Brandon and Hailee helped make this a Halloween to remember!

Funny enough the weather these last couple of weeks has been pretty rainy, cold and crappy...we were worried about tonight. Last year the nice, almost warm, weather hung out a long time and we had a dry, though chilly ToTing. Well tonight the rain held off and it was way warmer that it was last year...and I was in less clothes LOL.

The kiddos loved all the decorated houses, next year we must start doing up the house more.
Little Man was a trooper! He really enjoyd it this year more than his first go last year. We trick or treated for 2 hours and he walked all but the last half hour or so. Trying to keep up with 4 four year olds who are on the hunt for candy is hard work. He was getting so worn out he started tripping so he rode the rest of the trip on Daddy's shoulders. He didn't appreciate it exactly though LOL.
I can't believe my baby will be 2 in just two short bittersweet.

Cute pic with Auntie Tia :)

Uncle Rick and Uncle Scott took point on helping the kids at the doors. I think they had almost as much fun as the munchkins!

They all went in to this little haunted "house" ...Xander didn't like it and was back out in a flash.
This place really scared Xan, Lily and Jericho...they all started crying and screaming. Strangely, Haddie, who is our resident freak out at bedtime and must sleep with the light on...wasn't scared. Explain that. She was even boasting about "I told you guys I'm not scared of anything" when this big thing came out of the on que, it was really amazing timing I wish I had video. She startled but didn't freak...I was very impressed.

Once Jericho started slowing down, Hayden would tell the people at the door to wait for her baby brother. Then when he slowed down even more she started asking if she could have a piece for him, and she would actually bring it to him without exchanging his good candy for something less yummy, like say an adult might do. At this place she had to go get candy for everyone LOL.
I freaking hate clowns...I couldn't even get close to this guy. Jericho saw him coming and started screaming NO. It was so nice that they had their Uncles, Aunts and Cousins their to "protect" them and make them feel better :)

Jericho still going strong. My smallest has done some growing since I bought this I think LOL.
Hayden striking a us!

Miss Bug would ask "can we go get more candy?" after my was she a fan!

Jericho and Uncle Rick were pretty adorable all night...two buds :)
Jericho getting tired, but would NOT let go of his bucket! Priorities people! 

Such a fun night!

When we were about done we headed back toward the scary house...Lily Bug had to be carried. I'm happy to do it baby girl :)

And Xan wanted to hold Brandon's hand....awww.
Done...taking a little rest before heading home.
What kind of damage can 4 kids do in 2 hours, you may ask...12 pounds, trashing last years record of 9 1/2 lbs! They filled their buckets once, we had to bag them up and then go get more. There will be a hefty chocolate tax, but they had a blast! Happy Halloween all...good night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Date night with the hubby!

Woohoo my very first canvas picture has arrived, I'm so behind the times LOL! I sure hope our next house has room for a big photo wall. Pinterest is making me want to go all decorator mode...guess I better learn how to do that first LOL.
Daddy bought the kids a few new outfits...all by himself. Funny I saw all the stuff in the dryer, it was right after we got back from Florida so I called up Grandma to thank her for buying the kids some new clothes. She said she didn't do it, I told her that I wish the clothes fairy would drop off in my size next time!
He did a great job...the girls LOVED their new sparkly Hello Kitty stuff :)

The kiddos got Halloween cards from their Great Grandpa...which included money. They were quick to put it into their piggy banks :) Thanks Frank and Betty...they loved getting mail, and the cute cards!

Grandma came over tonight to watch the munchkins so Jason and I could get out for dinner and a movie. It was a fun needed. It feels like ever since our Bend trip the hits just keep on coming, I feel super close to a meltdown of 3 year old proportion myself LOL. Tonight helped...Taken 2 was a good movie and watching Liam kick major ass was almost as good as hitting something myself to get a little frustration out.