Saturday, October 8, 2011

Costume making 101.

I got it in my head to do a family theme for our Halloween costumes again this year. We did a family theme the year the triplets were the 3 Little Pigs and it turned out so cute. We settled on being the Potato Head family, and when I saw the costumes for sale, for around $50 each, I thought to myself "those look super easy to make, we should just make our own." Easy for me to say since I don't sew LOL. Thankfully Grandma does, and loves to make costumes! We spent about $25 at the fabric store in felt of all shades, and got to work; still need to make another $10-15 dollar run for velcro. It took all day today, while the kiddos destroyed my house, to get the kids costumes just about completed. Mine and Jason's are about half done. They all may need some more final tweaking but I think they look pretty darn good :)

No pattern, just copied T-shirts and cut away.

Grandma, just a few days out from carpal tunnel surgery was a sewing beast!

The kids were kind enough to cooperate for fittings.

Then they got back to trashing the house.

Shell just about done!

Cardboard for the eyes, nose and mouth.

My new hot glue gun that I got for my Bday got its first use! Watch out crafts here I come!

The girls will both look like this.

The boys like this...of course Jericho's is much smaller LOL.

Still need some more velcro to keep the face pieces in place, and to close up the back so it's not so loose.
May need to add some stuffing to make it poof more, will have to see.

They are supposed to look like this. They are not perfect, but not too shabby for about $35 total!

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