Sunday, February 28, 2010

If I could go back in time.

The Multiples and More QOTW is a tad different this week.
"Remember that fateful day, the one where you found out you were expecting multiples? The emotions that ran through your body, the thoughts you may or may not have felt like sharing, the concerns that started keeping you up at night for the next 7-9 months? Just imagine if you knew then, what you know now. If you could go back in time (think: Marty McFly) and have a chat with your pregnant self, what would you say?"

I would start out by telling myself that everything will be fine, and that these three little people will bring more joy and love into my life than I could have ever imagined possible. Yes 3 is crazy but just as do-able as 1 or 2, I remember Jason and I saying to each other why couldn't it be 'just' twins...LOL, we were so scared to be out numbered. I would tell myself that I WILL have more than enough love to go around. For a short time I was worried that I wouldn't love all 3 as much as someone who has one baby does, silly I know. I would tell myself I WILL be a better mother than I ever thought I could be. Being someone who never particularly loved other peoples kids and was easily annoyed with kids, I was also one of those that swore up and down that I didn't want kids, up until I hit about 25 and started hearing this loud tick toc tick toc sound. I wasn't sure what kind of mother I would be, not having a very good example myself I had my worries. I would tell myself to get my huge, tired, not feeling the greatest pregnant butt up, put on some cute maternity clothes and get out of the house, because once bedrest hit you will be stuck doing nothing and you will wish you took more advantage of being out and about. I would tell myself to accept help and allow others in. I would tell myself to enjoy and commit to memory as much as possible because believe it or not you will miss all of this. Well maybe not the horrible heartburn and reflux but just about everything else :) I would tell myself to try and remember how it all felt, my belly, the babies moving, the little feet, hands, knees or elbows sticking up out of my skin...that totally creeped us out at first but now it's missed. I would tell myself to not be too scared that I would lose them, to love them. The fear of something going wrong kept me from fully bonding and allowing myself to cherish every bit of my pregnancy. I would have told myself to do the pro belly pics and the belly cast, I would love to have those mementos now. I would also tell myself to sneak a camcorder into the delivery. I was so out of it, much of those first precious moments and hours are just a blur. Wow I would sure have a long conversation with myself LOL

Here is the video I made of my belly pics week by week. For some reason the video appears black for me but if I hit the play button it plays. Please send me a message if the video won't play for you, Blogger and their video issues...GGGRrrr.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

You know your kids aren't getting enough sweets when...

You pull out the dropper of peach flavored fluoride or cherry flavored Tylenol and three toddlers come running from clear across the room, mouths gaping open like little baby birds, ready for their tasty "treat" LMAO! We have kept the junk food, sweets, and candy to a serious minimum. They have had little tiny tastes of ice cream 2 or 3 times and had their first couple of M&M's just the other day. Hayden went nuts for them, Xander dug em too but Lily proved that they do in fact also melt in your hand hahaha. We have another new skill at our house, Hayden is very proud of herself, she can now get herself up on the couch...most of the time. They can all get down by themselves, though they still attempt to just walk off every now and then. No new pics today, so how about a little blast from the past again.

Friday, February 26, 2010

I think we may have one that will potty train fast.

Hayden has started patting her diaper now to let us know when it's wet, then she runs to the kitchen gate and points in at the changing station. She has been doing this when she is poopy for quite awhile, but doing it when she is wet is new. We aren't even close to trying yet but I hope this means she will potty train fast and easy...I am sure I am dreaming here LOL. She has also figured out how to make their little ride on toy move forward by using her feet, they can all go backwards but she is the first to go forward all by herself...go Hayden!!! Xander's EI appoints are going well, he is trying to communicate more already and has started saying 'up', though his 'up' sounds like Hayden's...closer to 'bup'. He has also started holding my hand and taking me for walks like Lily, the three of us have had a few walks around the living room together.

In other news...
I have been toying with the idea of going back to school for over a year now, and I am about ready to dive in. My 6 weeks on hospital bedrest, and the triplets month + in the NICU gave me a spark for nursing. I think I would really love to be a Labor & Delivery or NICU nurse. I know the RN program is intense, I plan to wait until Xander, Hayden and Lily are in school before applying, I really want to be home with them until then. I do think getting my pre-reqs out of the way, one at a time in the meantime would not only be fun, but good time management so I can concentrate on just the RN program when I am ready. I am really looking forward to going back to school, I was so unsure of myself and insecure in high school I really didn't give it all I had, or enjoy it at all. I think going back now that I know who I am and love myself, no matter what anyone else thinks or does will be a whole different, and much better, experience. Not to mention at the end being an RN would be an awesome career to be in, whatever field I make it into. I plan to get in for my placement tests this spring and hopefully start the next session!!! I am really excited! I hope I can hack it.

A few pics over the last few days.

He almost can't do this anymore LOL

We have trikes lined up for them when they turn 2, they got to take them for a little spin early.

We were packing the old swing up, it's been hiding in the spare room...they thought it was so fun, too bad they didn't like it much when they were little.

Some retro swing pics :)
First Xan, then a couple of tiny and cute.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!!!

I took my laptop with me to Vegas with the intentions of posting every day, ha..yeah right. We were getting home too late, or were too busy, I didn't even get a chance to pick up my laptop. Our last day at home we were so busy getting the house in order, packing, getting baby instructions ready...thankfully, because we didn't have time really to get too sad. Kissing the trio bye was tough, Xander decided to wake up from his nap with a 101 degree temp about an hour before we left, so that put a nice twist on leaving. Friday's flight out to Vegas was a good one, they were running about 10 min behind schedule so the pilot came over the intercom and said he planned to "take some short cuts and fly it like it's stolen" to make up time LOL, we ended up about 5 min early. We got to my sisters house late then had to go right back out and replace my hair gel that the airport security took from me...grrr. My brother Scott and his girlfriend Amber stayed at my sisters house too, was kinda cool having us all under one happy, perhaps drama filled, roof. The next day was Miss Rowan's 1st Birthday Party, it was pretty fun and she looked totally darling, as usual. The adults got to go see a movie together after the party, and we had a lot of great meals out together, we even went to a trampoline city place and jumped around for an hour...everyone had a great time even though most were sore for a few days afterwards. That's what happens when a bunch of 30 year olds act like kids LOL. It was really great getting to be together like we used to when we were younger, makes me wish for the 100 billionth time that we all lived closer to each other. I also got to see another brother whom I haven't seen since I was like 8 years old...22 plus years in the making it really was nice to see him again. Jason and I got to have some fun one on one time, did some gambling...mostly lost but it was still fun. We did our best to not worry too much about the kiddos, though we did call to check in 3 or 4 times a day hahaha. We missed them so much, I wished many times that we had brought them along. They did really well at home with Grandma, though it was evident they missed us like we did them. We had a great trip but were very happy when the time to go home came. We got in really late Monday night, it was SO hard to not wake Xander, Hayden and Lily up. We held off until morning and walked in their room together to giant smiles, we handed out lots of hugs and kisses.

I didn't do a great job of taking pictures on this trip but here are a few.
At Rowan's party.
Mommy and Rowan
Uncle Scott and a pooped party girl.
Jason and I
Smash cake time.
Auntie and Row having some cake MMmmm.

My brother in law and I had a little too much fun deflating the party balloons...We represent the lollipop guild. Shhh don't tell LOL
Opening gifts a little later at home.
A couple pics my brother Scott took of me and Amber at the trampoline joint. Too bad we didn't get any pics of Jason doing back flips...he even did 5 in a row, I was pretty impressed :)

My sister and I with our long lost brother Lee.

I am very happy to be home but miss my sister and niece already.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Extravaganza.

We got a late start today but ended up having a fun day. After naps, even for the adults LOL, we got the trio dressed and headed out to a Sporting show. Some friends of ours have put a new bait out on the market so we went to check it out and show some support. Way too many dead animals there for me, no offense to any hunters but I just can't get behind killing things for "sport." There were a ton of beautiful heads and stuffed bodies that just would have looked so much better alive and running through the forest or wherever. Xander, Hayden and Lily were looking at some of these things like they didn't understand why they were just still and not coming up to them to be petted. We did get to see some great quads and tent trailers, Jason has been wanting to buy a tent trailer for a couple years now...maybe be picking one up pretty soon! After cruising the show for an hour or so we packed up and headed for dinner. We went low key and very kid friendly so it was Red Robin for us :) The trio did awesome no meltdowns or issues, they actually had their own meals off the kids menu for the first time. We got them all grilled cheese sandwiches with some broccoli and fruit. Xander ate almost his entire meal, Hayden and Lily put at least half of theirs away.
The Multiples and More question of the week this week is 'Who are your Valentines and why?'
Personally I think Valentine's Day is a couples holiday, so I get Jason a card, some candy a gift or whatnot; but I don't get cards or gifts for the trio or anyone else. When they are older we will probably make some heart shaped cookies together and I will get them Valentine's to hand out at school...if they still do that these days LOL.
Ready to head out for some fun.
We were fortunate enough to get 4 huge bags of clothes given to us from a friend of mine with twin girls...I can't wait to get all of it on the girls throughout this summer! Such cute stuff, we put some on the girls today!
My pretty girls...awww.

At the show.
Our friends booth set up.
Trio checking out some of the dead stuff.
Vroom vroom

At dinner tonight.
End of a busy to bed.

Trying a new look with the blog, I like the 3 columns a lot but will have to go back and resize some of the side photos so no one is cut off.