Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Odds and ends.

We are nearing the end on the remodel stuff...pretty much just cleaning now. Before and after pics coming soon! We are running out of time though, going to end up bumping into when we leave for vacation, so it looks like we will start moving in after we get back. We were stressing ourselves out too much trying to get moved before we leave anyway, this way we won't be under any pressure.

Jason and my nephew B got the holes for the dog run dug...after getting the machine stuck for 2 hours and having to dig it out, nothing is ever easy right?!
One final, I hope, paint touch up in the kitchen to paint over the excess caulk. Jason washed up and sealed half the granite too...looking good!

Grandma has made some major progress on the kids Disney attire. Today I helped with the ties for the girls dresses, and the mouse heads. Pains in the butt both of them LOL.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Gonna need one of these myself soon.

More terra-cotta pot gifts in the making, one of these days I am going to have to have the kids make me one to keep! I see making more of these as Christmas gifts in our future...LOVE them!

Everyone was quite excited to do some more painting.

I love how personal these gifts are, the kids fingerprints are literally all over them LOL.
We made todays pots a little different than we made them before and the other time before.
Jericho helped too...the caterpillars are all him.

Hopefully Xander's latest EI teacher, and a special mystery recipient...shh it's a surprise, will enjoy these.

Hayden, oh my dear dear Hayden. What are we in for? It seems she rather enjoyed going out to play sans clothes yesterday. She wanted to do that again today but I said no. So then I hear her talking up Lily...like trying to get Lily on her side. Lily was heading to the bathroom and Hayden was following her trying to convince her to agree about the no clothes thing. I told Hayden that I said no and to leave Lily alone. Haddie tells me that she just needs to talk to her sister. As she is following Lily into the bathroom I tell her again that I don't care what Lily says, the answer is still no. You want to know what that little turd said to me? She said and I quote "I am not liking that Mom, now if you will please excuse me." Then she SHUT the door almost on my face LMFAO!!!! I am having some pretty scary flashforwards right now.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

DIY roller shades, take 1.

The rugrats and I hit up the fabric store today, this was their first time there...they were impressed LOL. Everyone loved all the colors and fabrics, the other customers around us found the kids exclamations quite humorous.
We had a little trouble finding fabric that was wide enough to cover their windows without having to piece it together...which would suck. So we ended up settling a bit on what we picked...but hopefully it will still look nice. I am so glad Jericho is too young to really care what goes in the room he and Xander will share, the girls were total PITA's to get to agree on one fabric Hahaha.
Heading to pick up Dad and do a little more shopping.

At our next stop we had our first getting paged by the store incident. I had Lily with me looking at clothes for our trip, Jason walked off with the other three kids. About 10 min later I hear over the intercom "We have a lost Mommy, Katrina can you come meet your daughter at the fitting rooms." I get there just as Jason did. We have never had anyone wander off on us before, I was pretty ticked at Jason for not keeping track of her, and pretty ticked at Hayden for wandering off in the first place...she knows better. She was kind of upset though so I kept the reprimand for leaving us short, and then told her that she did the right thing. Another parenting milestone...lose your kid at the store, check. Good news is I don't think she will wander off again.

When we got home I tried my hand at this DIY roller shade thing. I bought the cut to size shade at Home Depot for like $20, I got some spray fabric glue and fabric...you will also need to purchase the brackets to hang the shade.

One thing I learned from this first attempt...I think this is a two person job. I had a heck of a time keeping my fabric and shade flat and wrinkle free. Next time I will get Jason to help and hopefully it will go better.

So I cut my shade to fit the window, then I cut the fabric to fit the shade...leaving an inch or so around all the edges, that is what you fold over the back and glue down. You don't want to use a fabric that is too thick. I placed the fabric right side down on the floor, then rolled the shade out..right side down again, on top of it, glue the edges (not sure if I love the spray glue...kinda messy, regular fabric glue in a bottle or hot fabric glue sticks may be better) then fold the edges over the back of the shade. Let dry. Roll your shade up and that's it!
See what I mean about all the wrinkles, I think 2 people could have done a better job. Thankfully you can't really tell from the other side...and I'm sure the boys will break this one in no time so I will get to do it again LOL.
While I was inside using the messy glue and taking up the whole floor my funny bunch were outside.

They were still in undies after trying on their new clothes when we got home...good thing it was a nice warm day today Hehehe.

Xan, that totally completes the look :)

All done...I think I should have ironed the fabric first LOL. Hopefully in time it will work itself out.

Make sure you get the correct brackets, we got the wrong ones first so the shade wouldn't roll up. Once we got the correct ones the shade worked fine.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trying to break up the cotton candy pink.

The girls room looks like it has been hosed down in Pepto-Bismol, Hayden picked that color pink and boy is it PINK. Lily didn't love it right off, she wanted purple. I told her we would add some purple, secretly hoping she would forget about it LOL. Well not only did Lily not forget about wanting purple, but I thought maybe adding some purple might help tone down the pink or something.

Jason was nice enough to tape some stripes for me...I can NOT for the life of me do anything straight or even, I could draw a crooked line using a ruler Hahaha.

Next he headed out back to mark off post holes for the dog run.

Then he did a little more vent cleaning, busy guy.
Ewww, so glad we won't be breathing all this crap.

First purple on, pretty shade...I am not much of a pink girl, but I love purples.

Darker stripe.

Lots of clean up to do on the lines, but it turned out pretty. At first I thought it was a bit "little girlish," then it hit me that my baby girls are only 4 1/2...can't get much more little girlish than that :)

Lily loves the purple, she was pleased.

Funny Hayden tid bit...
Seeing how she is our more anxious child, we knew this upcoming Vegas trip could be scary for her...especially the airplane part. So we began bringing up planes and flying a couple weeks back. At first she was very against the whole idea, she told us that we all could go and just leave her here with someone to take good care of her. I am so glad she demanded "good care" as opposed to so-so care LOL. Anyway, we have been going on and on about how cool it will be to fly and how many times Momma, Daddy and even Jericho have flown, nothing was changing her mind. Then somehow going to the bathroom came up, it seems the idea of peeing on an airplane is almost enough to settle her down LMAO!

Project start to finish

Friday, April 26, 2013

So much cooler in shades.

I will give you 1 guess at where we were today....yeah, the new house being busy little bee's. I am so done.
The kiddos got some new shades today, they thought they were too cool for school LOL. Hopefully the shades last for our Vegas trip next month, somehow I doubt it.

My big boy helping Dad do the heavy lifting LOL. Those are 6 ft metal posts for the dog run we are putting in....yeah my 4 1/2 year old is a stud :)
Jericho can't be shown up.

Lily was grumpy, and sat on the bumper...Hayden followed, then Xander. That is when I decided they made a cute picture sitting there.

Jericho joined in...they are too cute for words.

Jason's Uncle owns a vent cleaning business, he was nice enough to come out and do a little work for us. It needed it bad...nasty!

That is a lot of wishes...and angry neighbors, who will soon have weeds in their yards too.


Got the sink put back in today.

Jericho was a big help...my little plumbers at it again.

Just like Dad.

Is this right Dad?

The new faucet came with some pretty funny instructions....those people at Peerless are hilarious.

Nice job babe...it's like you're a pro or something :)
We now wear our shades inside while watching tv.

We didn't work enough today obviously. Jason decided the tires HAD to be washed today...and of course the kids took his side, since he let them each help, that is not playing fair Love.

Cute lil suckers. They each got to help with 1 tire...not a single one of them went back in the house willingly.

They do good work, and now everyone wants to wash the car a lot more often. Win, win!