Friday, May 31, 2019

Missed out on the field trip.

I love our little school. When I say little I mean our entire K-5 student body, teachers, staff and chaperones fit on THREE buses little. Everyone had a fun filled school wide field trip to the park LOL. I missed the fun waiting on a goat to kid, Jason dutifully took a few pics for me.
They had a blast!

The lemonade drinking fountain was a big hit with all the kids...except Lily, she has never been a fan.

Salamander catch and release games.

Finally...shortly AFTER the kids got home from school, Heidi decided to release the hostages. Heidi had a small audience...thankfully she didn't mind. Hayden and her friend Loretta thought the babies were adorable, despite their gooeyness LOL.

Twins...1 boy 1 girl.

Jericho picked a lovely edible bouquet for the proud mom.

Such cute babies!

Baya and Kitsune meet our oldest babies this year.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Missed it again.

Run a couple dang errands. Grrr been waiting for 3 days you brat.
Two little buckskin boys for Molly. Always boys from this girl, hopefully next year I will get a doe.

Quite the size difference on these brothers. Such cuties!

Lily, and Maryellen, got to chill with the babies.

The little guy is just a bitty.
Still waiting on Heidi...hopefully I don't miss her turn.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Off to big things!

I am not usually a Taco Time fan. Their summer baja coconut shrimp die for.
Ragnar was jealous he didn't get a bite, so we went and did a little shopping after lunch.
He is a good sport LOL.

Ragnar left to his new home today, he will be undergoing 200+ hours of training to become a certified explosives detection dog. With his nose, I bet he will be great at that.

Lily...AKA Dino Lily has a new found passion for all things dinosaur. She made this clay fossil dig thingy all by herself today. She used one of my old baking pans, filled it with dirt, molded clay into "bones" and viola...dino dig.

She put up posters at the local park where she accidentally lost some of her toy dinosaurs. Never found them,but this was certainly cute.

Lily is also loving to cook and bake these days...and she does it well! Jason is excited...finally someone to help him out in the kitchen LOL.

Some awesome news...I am pretty much good as new again. I can not believe my thumb healed up this well.