Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekends are cool again!

Since becoming a stay at home mom 3 1/2 years ago, the weekends have sort of lost their cool factor. Honestly, there are too many weeks that I not only forget what day of the week it is, but there are whole weeks that I don't even leave the house. I am really not sure how I don't go just a little bit crazy, maybe a small part of me is a hermit...maybe not that small of a part LOL.

Now that I am on this jury, and out of the house 8-5 M-F, the weekends are so great! Today was fun filled with crafts, crazy kids and some injuries. Ah home sweet home hehehe!

Getting ready to start on some Easter crafts.

I hand drew and cut out some bunnies! I need to get my printer set up, it would be so much easier and faster. Not to mention would look 100 times better :)

The trio wanted to give the bunnies their own personal touch, with a coat of paint.

Yes, I drew and cut out each small and annoying little piece.

Getting all the little paw pads and noses glued on.

All done, they turned out pretty cute...just don't tell the kids they look more like cats than bunnies OK? LOL

We also made these. Bunnies peeking through some grass. All 4 kids are getting so good at doing handprint crafts :)

Lets move on to the injuries shall we? Jericho was off his game today. First he busted his lip good falling off the couch. He bit right through it, it bled forever. Then later he fell again and got a little bump on his head. Did it stop him from climbing, for at least the rest of the know so he could rest up and recuperate? Hell no, he didn't even slow down. This kid I tell ya.

Back up and dancing like a will notice the busted lip from his previous fall :( Poor boy.

A couple pics before bed, now you can see his little bump on his head along with his fat lip hehehe.

Lily Bug was not happy to be going to bed. She started something new, and funny, today. When you are doing something she doesn't like she will say "I'm saying no." So as I was taking this pic she was telling me and Jason "I'm saying no to bed Daddy, I'm saying no." It didn't help her, but it was really funny LOL.

Their very fave part of bed time, not so much Jason's though LOL, has become a horsey ride to the bed room. Even Jericho gets in on the fun. Silly munchkins!

I have to share my new boots! So the court house just happens to be right by Nordstrom Rack...shhh don't tell my husband :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

That is more like it!

The court pick up pics just keep getting funnier. Seems the triplets still do need a nap, even though they don't do it at home any more. Plop them in the car for a 30 min drive and they are out like lights.

A flash back Lily pic...5 weeks old and passed out in her carseat :)

The girls love their new where is the snow :)

Crack ups!

This is more like it Jericho. He lowered himself in there, I like that much more than him dancing around on top of the counter LOL.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Danger really should be his middle name.

I was just sharing about Jericho's crazy daredevil antics a couple days ago, here is what he was up to today...turd. I do not know how this kid has not really hurt himself yet. I wish we could keep him off stuff, but I am afraid I can not police him 24/7. He is so set on getting up on stuff I can't turn my back for a second with out him hauling ass to the nearest danger zone and climbing right up.

You will notice the over turned cart, he uses anything he can find and pull over to the cabinet to help him get himself up. Crafty little sucker :)

He is lucky he's cute!
Today was a rough day in court. I think the Judge knew the jury needed a little laugh, she left this for us to see LOL

Jason and the kiddos came to pick me up after court today, the trio were passed out. So funny! We gotta look into some neck pillows. These slim seats are awesome for getting 3 to a row, but not so great for catching a nap in the car.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Pinterest win!

I know I have mentioned it before, but I love Pinterest LOL.
I made the kiddos homemade donuts for breakfast this morning, they were fast, easy and yummy! A little heads up, they don't keep much over a few hours.

You will need vegetable oil and canned biscuits (not the flakey kind) for the doughnuts and margarine, cinnamon, and sugar for the coating. First melt a stick of butter in the microwave. In another bowl mix sugar and cinnamon. Open the biscuits and lay them out...use whatever you have to cut the centers out. I used a milk jug lid. Pour a little less than half an inch of oil in a skillet, heat it up on med. or med. high. You want it hot so that the dough is instantly seared and doesn't have to sit in the oil too long soaking it up. Use a donut hole to test the oil, it should sizzle and bubble around the edges and then you know its hot enough.
Put as many donuts in the pan that you can fit at once, it takes 30 seconds to 1 min per side to cook. They will be a golden brown on both sides when done. As you cook the donut, and the holes, place the ones that are done on a paper towel lined plate. Once they are cooled just enough to handle roll each one in the melted butter and then flop them around in the cinnamon and sugar bowl. Eat them up while they are still warm...they are so good!!!

After a breakfast of champions, my boys worked together to try and fix the stool...which they were also responsible for breaking funny enough LOL.

Jericho is looking a little grumpy, he is cutting 4 more teeth...this brings him up to 16!

The triplets got their first real pillows...they are big fans!

Miss Haddie, AKA the shut up police, she has been a big help in reminding everyone that "we don't say shut up, we say be quiet" :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mr. Jericho, then and now.

I meant to do this the other day, but forgot. Here is a pic of Jericho on his 1st Valentine's Day with a bear Jason got me, that the triplets promptly took over.

Here he is with the same bear a year later. He has grown so much!

Such a cute little ham!

Back to giving me a heart attack. Danger should have been his middle name!
He changed his mind at the last min. so no pic of him scaling down the back of the couch...this time.