Monday, January 31, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

I was switched to percocet yesterday and felt quite a bit better, but they wanted to keep me one more night to make sure my pain was under control. Poor Jericho had to go another night without me. Jason says he just hates me being gone over night, aww he misses sleeping with his Momma...that and he is not a fan of bottles or the little bit of formula he has had to eat. I got to go home around 3pm today, my break was nice...other than the surgery part LOL, but I am so happy to be home. I must say thank goodness for pain meds though...this is a very painful recovery for me for some reason. I am so thankful that the kiddos Grandpa has offered to hire a "mothers helper" to help me with the trio while Jason is at work until my month long Doctor ordered restricted duty is over. Now I just have to find someone...I can't wait, just hope I don't get too used to it LOL!

I keep trying to remember more from my surgery, it is so strange how the gas wipes your memory, I can't believe how little I remember. I do remember I said bye to Jason and Jericho (I was BFing him on one side and pumping from the other right up until they wheeled me into the OR.) The next thing I remember is being in the recovery room for an hour...everything in between is gone. I don't remember being asked to switch beds, having the mask put on or the count backwards thing that you see in the movies...freaky. The anesthesiologist did put something he called the "don't worry about it" stuff in my IV just as I was saying bye to Jason...guess I didn't worry about it hahaha. Here is a pic of my surgery site, crazy how such a small area can cause sooo much pain, the Doc was nice enough to save my tattoo and not cut into it :)

Some funny things have been going on here at home. Lily spouts out the strangest, but funniest, things, Jason was wiping down the table after dinner and he brushed the cloth against Lily. She barks "Hey, watch out, you got my Tinker Bell all wet." trying hard not to laugh, I said Daddy is sorry Lily are your PJ's OK, she said "Yeah they all better." She has also started finishing almost all the sentences in the cat in the hat book, this is their favorite book to have read to them at bed time. It is so cute, as Jason is reading he will stop short on the last word giving Lily...and sometimes Hayden...the chance to fill in the gap and she yells it out. Miss LilyBug is also already trying to work the system. Jason and I have noticed when she is happy, being sweet or trying to get something she calls Jason 'Daddy' ever so sweetly, but when she is not getting her way or Jason is not telling her what she wants to hear it becomes a firm and irritated sounding 'Dad'...often with a 'no' worked in there too hehehe.

Jericho turned 1 month old today...I took a couple, not so great, pics of the big guy. One pic made me go find an old one of Xander to compare the two. Jericho is a couple weeks younger and like 4 lbs heavier than Xander was in his pic (xan was about 6 weeks and 6lbs in this pic) but you can for sure tell they are brothers...don't you think? All the kids SEEM to be on the mend from their colds...I hope. I really want to be done with all this...and I really hope I never have to have 2 surgeries within a 4 week time frame!

Handsome 1 month old boy.

Brothers...the compare pics :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 surgeries in one month.

Grrr I am so ready for everyone to be healthy...beyond ready. Jericho had his little relapse Thursday morning. I took him in to the Pedi's he had a slight temp of 100 again, his o2 stats were at 93 and they like to see it over 98. The Doc heard his wheezing and he was still taking 60-61 breaths per min., which is why I brought him in. They tested him for RSV, thankfully it came back negative, they sent him home with some Albuterol breathing treatments. Hopefully we are just about over's time! Good news, he is 10 lbs now!

Guess it was my turn for another trip to the Doctor's too. Really bad pain in my right lower side/belly just came on out of the blue about 10pm Thursday night. I took some left over pain meds from my CS to try and sleep, but it didn't help much at all and I got only a couple hours of sleep. I really didn't think it was my appendix but knew that was the area so Fri around 1pm we headed to urgent care (my MFM didn't want to see me as appendix is not in his scope and my reg. Doc didn't want to see me as if it was something to do with my CS he didn't want to get involved so off to the ER.) Grandma stayed at our house with the trio while Jason, me and Jericho went in...he goes where the boob goes LOL. They got me in pretty fast and did some blood work, I was dehydrated and my blood sugar was low, but my white count was fine. Since my side was so sore...I was in tears...they decided to do a CT scan and sure enough it was my appendix. I was actually was Jason since he thought I was being a worry wart and didn't really need to go to the ER. They had me in surgery about an hour and a half later. I had never been knocked out before, my only other surgeries were my CS's so I was really scared and couldn't stop crying. Thankfully everyone was awesome and they took great care of me, it is totally true when they say it feels like you were asleep for a second and woke right back up...and you remember nothing. I guess I woke up and asked the Doctor if we were headed in for surgery, he laughed a little and said we are all done...though I don't remember this conversation either. Jericho has had to have a little formula and bottles for the first time, he doesn't seem to love it in the least. The hospital was nice enough to get me a pump and all the supplies so I started pumping for him ASAP. I should be going home tomorrow, I am so tired so I am probably leaving some stuff out but that's most of it. I don't feel like I am healing well, it hurts so much, more than my CS's I think. The Doc couldn't do it laparoscopic, they had to do it the old fashioned way, via a bigger incision because mine was in there funny, kinda wrapped around my side. This has been one heck of a month...I am ready to not feel icky anymore!
Waiting for my CT scan.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crying over spilt milk...and medicine.

A couple more fun filled sick days around here. Now Xander is fighting a little relapse, he has had a couple fevers around 102 and has started throwing up...poor guy. Jason took him to the Doc today, we are not call or run to the Doctor all the time people so the last week or two we have been at the Doctors more than we have been over the last two years LOL. At his appt. today the Doctor said the throwing up is probably from him coughing so much and so hard, which may now be bronchitis, so they put him on a med for that...which he promptly threw up his first dose. Jericho hasn't had any more fevers of 100 or more, until tonight, and he has become a big up chucker I feel like I am getting spewed on every time I turn around Hahaha. The girls are doing a bit better, thank goodness 2 sick at a time is enough, they are still coughing and very whiny but so far no more fevers or any of that. Uncle Scott and Auntie Amber came over for dinner last night, the kiddos we a bit cranky and not their usual fun and entertaining selves but we all had a great time. I just want my healthy and happy kids back!

Pics from the last couple of days.

While waiting for "Uncle Skunk" to arrive Daddy played some window peek a boo.

Xan got his hair cut, he doesn't look thrilled does he LOL.

So happy to see their Uncle and Auntie.

Later they started feeling icky again. Jason picked up an ear thermometer, the kids did not like the under arm one anymore. This one is so fast they dont have a chance to get pissy.

Lily's turn.

Poor sick unhappy kids all wanted to sit with Dad :(

I love this shirt LOL.

Lil man.
Hayden giving kisses to her brother, he has really started looking at everyone now.

A pro I am not, but I wanted to get some feet n ring pics.

Hard to believe this is the same ring that looked like this on a 4 day old Lily.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I am no good with sick kids.

We have had an icky couple of days poor sick kiddos. We have all been sick for about a week and a half now. Everyone seemed to be on the mend until Saturday. Lily woke up from nap with a 103 fever and Jericho was at 99...both taken under arm so you add a degree. With newborns you call the Doc with anything over 100, they got him in on Sunday...Lily's fever had gone down to 100 by then so the Doc didn't need to see her. Jericho's Pedi appt. went well, he does have fluid in his ears but it's not infected...yet. Doc said keep an eye on it, keep taking his temp and call them if anything changes. I think he suspects an ear infection is looming but he didn't want to start meds yet. The best news from his appt. is his growth! Jericho was born at 8lbs, got down to 7lbs 7oz while in the hospital, at 2 weeks he was back up to 8lbs 13oz. At this latest appt., just a week and 2 days later, he weighed 9lbs 12oz. Along with all this I woke up on Sunday with my 2nd ever ear times!

Today everyone seems a tad better, though Jericho is really congesty and it freaks me out to have such a little guy sound funky when he breathes. Sick kids always make me so nervous, I want to run to the ER for everything and Jason has to make me calm down.

All this illness did make one, sort of, funny thing come about. Lily has found Jason and I out as medicine sneakers. Xander and Hayden love when ever they have to take meds., but Miss Lily on the other hand hates it and tells us "No Momma/Daddy I don't want to taste it, it's icky" LOL. This has forced us to try and hide her meds in food or drink, she is not falling for it though. So now when we offer her food or drink 9 times out of 10 she says "how about brother/sister first" she makes us give it to them to taste test it hahahaha. She is a smart cookie!

Some pics from today. They don't look sick do they, yes Xan's hair is awful...plan is to get him a haircut tomorrow. Xander and Hayden just LOVE holding their baby brother, they ask many times throughout the day...and they do a pretty good job. This was the first time I felt OK taking a step away to get a pic of them holding him alone. Hayden was "done" too fast to get a pic LOL.

Xander just gets in a quick kiss before Hayden starts asking to "take the baby" for her turn.

Miss Lily has joined the club and now enjoys holding Jericho :) She is also the first to put her baby doll up to my boob when I am feeding Jericho. I was wondering who would try to breast feed their dolls first, since they see me feeding Jericho all the time, but I didn't think they would rather have a wet nurse Hahaha :)

Xander had his weekly EI appt. today. I really like our therapist...she brought 3 Mr. Potato Heads for all the kids to play/learn with. This was the first time they have played with Mr. Potato we need to buy three LOL. Xander is making huge progress, he has at least 50 words now and can say a few 2 and 3 word sentences!

I HATE HATE HATE when shows that I love get cancelled. How dare the whole world not love every show that I love and help me keep them on the air! Bye Medium, Jason and I will miss join a long list of shows loved and lost :(

Friday, January 21, 2011

The single life vs. life with kids.

A fellow mom was chatting on this subject and it got me to thinking on many of the changes my life has been through. There is more stress and more expense with kids, but way more laughs too. I have less me time, less couple time, a lot less quiet time, but lots more hugs and kisses and acting silly. Singing songs out loud, though I can't carry a tune even if it had a handle, and without the liquid courage I really needed the couple of times I sang karaoke. Playing with toys, using glitter and glue for crafts and coloring with crayons, all things I haven't done since I was like 12. No more zippy compact car, but no more speeding tickets either...well not in a while anyway *knock on wood*. For sure no staying out all night partying and then sleeping all day...but somehow life is so much more fun! Yup...I wouldn't trade it!!!
We got Jericho's announcement cards done...he is just 3 weeks old today so we are not too far behind this time LOL.

If you can't beat em join em. Jason came home yesterday with a new set of TinkerBell pj's for Lily...she loved them!
She said look my wings, then ran laps around the living room saying she was flapping her wings LOL. The imaginations are really going now, it's so fun!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

We now have "those" kids...which I guess makes us "those" parents LOL

We have given up the strollers, even the choo choo for the most part. So we now hold hands, walk and try to keep the kids in line...ha fat chance. I am sure you can imagine what three 2 1/2 year olds do when they are in a waiting area...and are not strapped in a stroller. Yup, they run around like little monkeys. Wanna know what makes it even funnier, when Lily is wearing her monkey sweatshirt and in front of everyone starts calling herself a monkey, I am sure everyone there had already jumped to that conclusion LOL.

The results of our little weight/height check...not totally accurate I'm sure, you know how cooperative 2 1/2 year olds are Hahaha. Xan is now about 37 1/2" and 35 1/2lbs, that is a gain of 1 1/2" and 3 1/2 lbs in the last 6 months. Hayden is now 37 3/4" and 35lbs, 6 months ago she was an inch shorter and 4lbs lighter. Miss Lily is now 36 1/4" and 32lbs, which is a gain of 2 1/2lbs and 1" over the last 6 months! Way to go kiddos!
The pic is hard to see, but I had to wait behind for some paper work while Jason walked the trio to the car. He has Hayden holding his right hand, Lily holding his left hand and Xander holding his left thumb LOL.
My silly cute girls :)

Jericho is trying to roll over already, on an uneven surface he can roll over and if we roll him back he will do it again. He can also hold his head up really well...he is such a strong baby! Of course this is the same little guy who at like 2 days old was on his stomach and trying to scoot his way off my hospital bed, the nurse even saw it and said "oh wow look at him, this is not a baby to leave on the couch."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tonight was graduation night at The Little Gym, we actually have missed the last 4 weeks of class so it was funny that the night we come back is their little graduation thing. I am still trying to get over this cold so Jericho and I just sat out in the lobby area and watched all the fun going on. The folks at the gym were nice enough to offer us the same scholarship to come back for another session, I am really glad it's been wonderful for the triplets...we really do see a lot of advancement in their confidence and skills.
The class at graduation.
Hayden and Lily kept coming to the window to wave at me and their baby brother :)
Not looking too impressed LOL.
I had to snap a pic, Xander always sits like this.
Yay they graduated :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What a night.

Xander's 1st nightmare...or something, led to a night of very very very little sleep for Mom and Dad. He started screaming bloody murder around 1:30am, we went to get him and he was shaking and really freaked out. Once we got him calmed down he was fine but wouldn't go near his room without getting all upset again. So we tried to bring him to bed with us, we don't ever do this or even allow them in our room so he was too excited to be in there to sleep. Jason ended up on the couch with him, after taping all the light switches in the off position LOL, they eventually fell asleep around 4:30am. We are both hoping we do not have a repeat performance tonight!

Around 6am I snuck out to the living room and snapped this pic. It was pitch black and I couldn't see them, just pointed the camera at the couch and snapped one, so it's not that great. The flash almost woke Xander up so I only took one.

Lily and her clothes, this is getting out of hand, but at least she is polite about it. When we try to dress her it's "no, thank you Momma/Daddy" to! It wouldn't be so bad letting her wear what she wants if she didn't want to wear just her TinkerBell PJ's...goodness.

Friday, January 14, 2011

2 week check up.

Jericho did great, even though the poor little guy had his first 'surgery.' He is definitely growing! He was born at 8lbs but went down to 7lbs 7oz before we left the hospital, then he was up to 7lbs 14oz at 5 days old and now today at 2 weeks old he is 8lbs 13oz!!!

Bad throat is hurting today and baby boy has been doing some sneezing and coughing. I wasn't holding my breath that the trio wouldn't give us their cold, but I was really hoping they would keep their cooties to themselves. Poor Jericho, 2 weeks old seems way too young to be fighting a cold :(
A tiny bit of good news, I'm 21 lbs down from my 38lb gain!

Jericho at his 2 week check up.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daddy went back to work.

Today was Jason's 1st day back to work, after a week of him being home I got too used to it and was not ready to be on my own with all 4 kids. He has been on triplet duty since my Csection, I have lifting restrictions until at least 6 weeks postpartum. The trio are between 35 and 40lbs ea, my limit is supposed to be the baby. We still change them on a changing table and they are still in cribs. It's been 13 days since I took care of the trio on my did any of the hard stuff LOL. Today I had to get them up on the table twice each, and out of their cribs after nap then put them back at bed time. We got a big step stool so I wouldn't have to bend over, and could just pick them up from eye level and plop them down. I know I shouldn't be lifting them, but I just don't see anyway around it. It went fine until tonight...had some issues pop up, but hopefully everything is OK. Thankfully I have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow.

Other not so fun news, Hayden and Lily woke up with runny noses and what may be the start of a cold. So far Xander seems fine, but I am sure if it is a cold him catching it won't be far behind. Let's just hope the baby and I don't get it!!!

Happy news...the trio are 2 1/2 years old today. WOW time flies, and having a newborn really makes it evident how big my 'babies' are now. They are so amazing!
My big smart kids!
Lily called to me and said "Momma we're building a sandcastle"

Xan was running around with a 'cape' all day.
My ladder setup.

Baby boy...growing too fast!
Xan is very interested in feeding times LOL.