Sunday, June 5, 2011

Backyard playground almost complete.

Jason and his dad almost got the yard done today! Probably just another hour or two of work left...but we all got hungry and called it a day.

We pulled out the kids pool for a little splash fun. I only filled it about ankle deep and did not intend on them "swimming," didn't even pull out some swim diapers...but they had other ideas. One min I was filling the pool the next I turn around and Xander has his clothes and his diaper off. Then of course the girls want their clothes off too, everything but their diapers. Lily kept saying "Xander's flashing me" LOL where do they get this stuff :)

Dried off ready for more fun.

Jason got a new lawn mower as a Bday gift from his dad...YAY!

My friend Gayle came out for a visit today, she is a fellow triplet Momma. Her kiddos are about to be 6. She came bearing gifts for the trio...bubbles and sidewalk chalk! We had a lot of fun with that stuff!!! Thanks Gayle...gotta do it again soon!

Once the men got the fence done they turned their attention to the swing set. Xander as usual was very helpful.

A little kitchen window fun with Jericho :)

It started getting late, and really close to dinner time, but Xander, Hayden and Lily were not going to let the guys quit without some offering. They got the slide up and working so the kids got to play on that part while dinner was being prepared. Tomorrow we should get everything done....can't wait!

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