Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Duct tape, use #107

To keep your sons sleeper on. Looks like we are going to have to start duct taping him into his clothes. I walked into their room this morning to a very naked, and oh so pleased with himself, little boy. Thankfully he did not poop, but everything was soaking wet. I grabbed him out of the crib set him down and off he went, he was running around nekkid happily screaming. I had to grab my camera and snap a quick pic...only got one before I was scared he would pee all over.

Xander doesn't learn very fast, Hayden tipped over in the high chair 1 time, this was a few months ago, and she hasn't done it since. Xander on the other hand has done it 3 times now in as many days LOL. Hayden was trying to fall off the couch today, I told her "that's how Xander fell off, you better get down" she wised up and got off the arm of the couch...this time.

Hayden did this to herself today, I think she has been watching Xander get his clothes off, and took notes.

The girls being cute.

I had my baseline ultrasound and blood draw yesterday, everything looked perfect. Jason gave me my first injection today, I am too much of a wuss to do it myself. I go in again on Sunday for another scan.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grape damage

For the second day in a row Xander took a close to serious header. Yesterday Xan was on the couch, he went to lay down on the arm rest and before I could get to him fell off backwards and head first. Thankfully for his first fall off the couch he managed to not get hurt, Hayden was just walking by when he fell and I think she actually broke his fall just a little bit. Then today I was sleeping in while Jason made the kiddos breakfast, I wake up and come out to the living room to see Xander with a little red area on his face. Jason says "Xander and his highchair fell over" then he laughed and said "He was trying to pull himself over to finish off Hayden's tray and managed to tip himself over, Hayden looked down at him on the floor, pursed her lips and said OOOoooohhhhhh" LMAO!! Thank goodness he has a hard head, he is always getting himself into something.
Hayden and Lily have started taking a huge notice of the pictures of them as babies that we have up around our house, they point to them many times throughout the day and say "babies" it is so cute. They are talking so much now, they can even follow some basic instructions...it's wild how grown up they are getting.
I think the worst of the cold is just about over, we have coughing and runny noses left but they are starting to eat and sleep better. I knew we were lucky to have such great sleepers and eaters but I don't think I knew just how lucky until they stopped doing those things so well.
We had a little early Easter fun today, we were supposed to go to an egg hunt but since they are just starting to get better we thought we should give it a little more time. So for my kids enjoyment I busted out a giant Easter egg full of goodies my wonderful husband got me, I of course ate all the chocolate myself, then let them play with the plastic egg. It is obviously more fun that it looks as it started many fights LOL, I swear we can't introduce anything unless we have 3 of what ever it is.

My fellow chocolate lover is asking why the egg is empty.
I see you Lily.
Then the girls decided they wanted to play with Xander's hat.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Picture Day

We didn't think we were going to brave the bunny Easter pictures this year, we had a couple close calls with the bunnies last year LOL. We had a last min. change of heart, but I am pleased to announce no bunny was harmed and the trio cooperated for just long enough to get some good shots. They are still sick, and so am I, so we were really glad to get about a half hour out of them. I should have pics to share in about a week, but here are a couple after we got home. They looked so cute all dressed up :)

Hayden and Lily are starting the mimic phase, we say a word and they try their best to say it too...a lot of new words are popping out of their mouths these days.

Gggrrr I hate being sick, I hate when the babies are sick...I hope we are all better soon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Loving their new room.

Xander, Hayden and Lily got moved into their new room this morning, I am so glad it's done. We still have to get their decals up, you have to wait two weeks for new paint to cure before doing decals. We also still need to get their names back up, but a lot of wall came off with them when we removed the letters from the old room walls...so we need to find a better way to put them up again. We got most of the room done just before nap, so we let the trio loose in there a few min before laying them down...not a great idea, they were too jazzed about the new pad to sleep. They had such happy faces as they looked in their new bedroom door, then they really enjoyed running back and forth in all the new space. They have so much more room now, it actually makes their cribs look small all of a sudden LOL.
The kiddos are not eating all that great, still warm and coughing too...poor babies I hope they are better soon.

We left the big bookshelf in the other room, so just brought a few things over to put on this smaller one. Had to put up our caricature so Momma and Daddy are watching over the babies :)
I loved these books when I was a kid...can't wait until the trio is ready for them.
The decals that will be going up in a couple weeks.

Walking into their new room :)

Ready for nap time...NOT.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cough due to cold.

Xander, Hayden and Lily all woke up with coughs and slightly elevated temps today, hope this one goes away before it even becomes anything. They were still in pretty good moods though, Hayden and Lily started saying 'meow' when we ask "what does the kitty says." When the EI lady was here the other day she showed Xan (and the girls) the sign for jump and would lift him up after she signed it. Today they all were running around signing it and "jumping." It was very funny, Hayden is the only one whose feet actually leaves the floor a smidgen...Xan and Lily just jump with their upper bodies LOL

We got painting finished and the trio will be in their new room tomorrow!!! Jason is not looking forward to taking 3 cribs apart moving them 6 feet and putting them back together though LOL

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A beautiful day....sorry we're closed.

What the heck is up with a Zoo that closes at 4pm on a 70 degree Saturday, in March...in Oregon?!?!?! Do they think we get a lot of these kind of days here...lame. It was OK though we decided to walk over to the Arboretum and Memorial park next to the zoo. We unleashed the trio for a good hour, they were all over the place, but didn't wander too far from us. Another Dad with his little girl, 27 or 28 month old Juniper, came over a short while after we got there. She was a cutie, the trio really wanted to be friends, they didn't even take it hard when she told them 'no' or 'move' and generally made it known that she did not want to be friends with them LOL Man an hour of watching three little kids expend tons of energy sure makes one tired.

Wonder what the kids will think this summer when they encounter fountains that are actually turned on.

Lily Bug taking a stroll.

Xan and Dad hightailing it back.

The trio meet Juniper.

Hayden doesn't understand why she keeps telling her 'no' and why they can't be friends.

Hayden tried to climb up.

Xander was the only one to make it.

I think this was their first time seeing pebbles...they kept trying to eat them, yuck.

Daddy helps Hayden walk on a big wall.

I watched the movie Beaches today, it's an old favorite that I have seen a number of times, but today was the first time since having the trio. The movie always made me cry, but man now that I have kids watching her spending her last days with her daughter, and having to count on someone else to tell her daughter all about her as she grows up...I bawled like a baby and hugged my kids like crazy. Everything concerning kids touches me so much more deeply now that I have children. I never was OK with anyone being mistreated, but now that I am a Momma I understand how you could literally kill someone for harming your child. There was a spot on the news last night that a nanny cam caught this families nanny abusing their 11 month old. She threw and kicked stuff at him as he sat there helplessly, then walked over to him and smack him in the head so hard he fell over, then she grabbed him up shook him like a rag doll and plopped him down on the floor very hard...I actually wanted to kill this bitch. I can't even imagine how much of this goes on in the world, so scary...I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with the trio. Nanny cams people, invest in nanny cams!!!!

Last note...Xander is still trying our patience. This is how I found him this morning, thank goodness his diaper was still on. He had unzipped his sleeper and only had the feet part still on. This boy...

My other sunshines this morning :)