Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Way to go Bug!

Nice work Lily, another Student Of The Month.

Super proud of you Bug!

Lily wanted to make a red scarf for Hayden. So here I am watching YouTube and teaching myself to knit. You know so I can "help" Lily. I don't think I'm getting it done in time LOL.

Monday, November 27, 2017

A break in the rain.

It has been soggy here lately, have I mentioned how I hate the rain and mud? Today we got a break and it was wonderful.

Skeet got to run about and expend some energy, she is getting her fluffy winter coat. Her 1st birthday is coming up next month.

Jason got a couple gates up.

She looks so cute in all her fluff.

Pretty girl.

Spicoli is so grown up...he is trying to impress all the girls. Can't wait to see all the spring babies!

Still two boar piglets available, one with wattles one without.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thankful for family.

We had our late Thanksgiving get together with the in laws today. Always a good time.
The kids had a blast with Great Aunt Julie...she keeps them busy and out of trouble!
Great Grandpa and Betty looking good.
Aviva came along to meet some new people. She is getting big...hopefully a new home will be found soon.
She did well...behaved herself.
Have toy will travel reads the card of a Dutchie LOL.

The kids made place mats for everyone.
Then they put on a short chaotic "play".

Dessert...plate licking good LOL. Love your people!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

So Thankful.

Jason had to work Thanksgiving, so we are doing our usual family get together on Saturday. This meant today Lily had a dream come true Thanksgiving feast...she set it all up. We will be dining on frozen pizza instead of toast...which was a hard won compromise let me tell you.

The second Turkey Day was over we got down to Christmas decorations. Lily is a Holiday loving fool. Pepe and Aviva were forced to take Christmas photos LOL.
Oh look so dapper.

Aviva was a good sport...for about 5 seconds.

Bring on the lights, joy and magic of the season!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Last girl standing...Aviva.

Aviva is 10 weeks and about 14 lbs. She is taking after her dad more in her head and build.
She is also totally crazy.
Don't tell my hubby but if she doesn't find a home in the next week or two I think she is going to have to stay here.

She is so pretty.

She is pretty cool with the cats...not so cool with the chickens. She is going to need some serious lessons if she does end up staying.
Kitty just don't run.

Aviva is a thinker.
Funny little PSA...
Brindle does not = Dutchie. Standing ears does not = Dutchie either. They are still quite rare in the US, the odds of finding mix Dutch Shepherds are pretty slim, and finding them in a shelter even slimer. Most brindle mixes with standing ears are likely Pit X German Shepherd, two very popular breeds that are everywhere.