Monday, August 30, 2010

Putting our little freeloaders to work.

The other day I let the trio help me dust, they actually really loved it....of course they did a terrible job but it was a lot of fun LOL!
We busted out the cleaning supplies yesterday evening before bed and once again it was a hit, even caused a little melt down when it was time to stop cleaning.
Now just to bide my time until they can mow the lawn, take out the trash and clean the cat box....but then what would I need DH for hehehe JK.

Xander has a new skill...he is just begging to break a bone, such a boy.
The ladder is no longer a fun enough way up...
Then he rushes down the slide to do it again.

Miss Hayden felt like napping with Gangster today, she even brought him a pillow and covered him up awww.

I finished the 2nd blog to book looks great. Now on to the 3rd, I don't seem to be catching up though.

Jericho is getting busy in there, Jason has been able to feel him a few times now, I just wish he would move up a bit and stop kicking me in my bladder. Now that we told the kiddos they have a baby brother on the way the girls like to rub or kiss my belly and say hi to their baby brother. I hit 22 weeks yesterday.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

High Ho Silver

We took the kids to the Oregon State Fair today! We spent almost an hour checking out the animals, with the girls doing all the animal sounds along the way..and with such enthusiasm hehehe. Then they got their first pony rides, they all had a great time and no one cried or seemed scared at all. After that we checked out their dinosaur exhibit, the girls were cracking us up....they were growling back at the dinosaurs when they moved and growled, and Hayden kept saying "Hi dinosaur" LOL. We walked by the band area on our way out and had to stop to let Hayden and Lily dance to the music...they drew quite a crowd :) I am one tired Momma after all that walking!
Looking at the year should be a little more fun, when they can walk and do a little more touching. We brought their monkey backpacks in hopes of using them but they just aren't there quite yet.

They got to see a 4 month old mini horse, the trio all wanted to pet her until she got up close then they got shy. I enjoyed petting her, they have the cutest little neigh's...she kept calling to her momma who was near by.
A lady walking by saw the trio with their monkey backpacks and asked if she could give them each a stuffed banana. They love these things!
Lily was the first to go on a "horsey ride" she had a blast, was all smiles and looked like a little pro.
Lily was very upset when her ride was over. Jason was trying to hold her and make her stop crying, thus we only got one pic of Xan on his pony ride.
Dad went to spot Hayden on her ride, she was loving the ride and chattering to him the whole time.

Checking out the Dino's.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Some fun at the park today.

It was another nice day...gotta take advantage when you get the chance here in Oregon, so we hit the park today. The kiddos had lots of fun and came home good and worn out! I did too, it's tiring chasing them around in 85 degree weather while 5 months pregnant...I need a nap LOL.
His sisters are always hogging the baby swings, Xander and Dad have fun anyway!
Lots of static today LOL
Lily has turned in to a sliding fool, her fave thing to to swinging of course!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Surprise....though it's a bit earlier than we wanted.

No more Team Green for us, this baby is a little stinker. At my Doctor's appt. today all was well, baby is doing great, 1 lb and measuring 4 days ahead at 21 weeks 6 days. I myself am up 10-11 lbs total, 8 of those in the last month...yikes! This child is not modest and unfortunately while trying to get a look at the face we were un mistakenly flashed. Jericho Miles was all too happy to show us his goods, so surprise IT'S A BOY!!! LOL Xander is excited to be getting a baby brother, though I think the girls will be just as happy. They will love for Xan to have someone else to pester, steal toys from and tackle to the ground. I have my C-section date booked for 12/31 (we plan to get him a onsie that says Tax Deduction :) ) if I do not go into labor and VBAC before that. No pics of Jericho today, after showing us his package he promptly turned his back on us and went to sleep....typical male.

It has been a little love fest around here lately. Xander and Lily keep hugging each other, at least 10 times a day. It's so cute one of them will raise up their arms and say hug and the other will go to them and give them a hug....with back patting and all. I gotta get a couple pictures of this is is really sweet. Xander also gave up the rest of his snack to Hayden today, she had finished hers and was starting to whine to me asking for more. Xander just walked over and gave her the rest of his, I couldn't believe it. Another funny Lily tidbit...Jason was playing with the kids yesterday pretending to eat their feet and toes. Lily kept saying "no Daddy, mustn't eat the toes" she said it probably 20 times and it never got old, we laughed every time LOL.

The trio enjoyed getting to spend a couple hours with Grandma today, put them in a good mood for the rest of the day :)