Monday, January 30, 2017

B Balling.*

The kitty family is coming together. Woosaw is still cranky, but of course OJ is a sweet heart. Aww Grandpa OJ giving Oz a bath LOL.

Entertaining this kid at the girls bball practice.

Such a cutie patootie.

Hayden is getting really good...she will be doing a lot more hoop camps in the off season this year. Her potential is amazing.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not so fast.

Oz thinks he is so sneaky.
It's like a shark fin...only little kitty ear tips poking over my computer to see if I am looking.

Test grab.

Reaching a little farther.

Is she really not going to stop me. Yes dude, she is going to stop you.

Piggies are really needing to find their new farms. We thought Uni Piggie was pregnant, now we are not so sure. Guess we will just have to see how it goes.

The turkeys are getting big. They have been enjoying the lovely weather too.

T-Minus 1 month until baby goats touchdown!! I can't wait!
Does this belly make my butt look big?

Our first bunny show. Seems my rabbits are just not fat enough to be show winners. Life in the bunny tractors are going to have to go on hold for some of my hopefuls until after they are done showing.

Lily just showed me a song she wrote all by herself. She titled it 'The Song Of Freedom'. A little hard to goes...
It's the day of Joy.
It's the day of love.
But most of all it's the day to be free.
Love is the key to be free. It's the day we all come together freeee.

Almost forgot the best part....Jericho made fun of her song and Lily told him to stop or she would crush his bones. Hmmm LOL.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Prep work.

I got busy prepping 4 buns for an upcoming show. I don't plan to do much rabbit showing, beyond the kids in 4H, but I do need my main breeding stock evaluated for type and structure. So we have a show lined up for this coming weekend. Should be interesting.

 My first tattoo victim. Jason won't let me use it on him,..wuss.

Miss Yzma getting a little pedicure and paw wash up.

The little bballers are also busy prepping. All the teams are starting to look better at practice. Second round of games this weekend!

The boys like where the girls practice, they get to climb the rock wall for an hour.

The kids keep us laughing during laundry chores...and I HATE laundry. Silly boys, Xander actually put the bikini on first but wouldn't let me take a picture LOL. Monkey see, monkey do Jericho had no problem with a picture.

Goodnight selfie...Oz man is such a sweet boy. We lucked out with two amazing kittens!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Spring, is that you?

Look all the white stuff is gone! I hope we get an early spring and a looonnngg summer this year.

What did these 4 little piggies do when they discovered the wind had messed up their hot wire...why they escaped their pen and got into food, trash and anything else they could make a mess of.
 FOR SALE registered gilts, boar and sow....funny, but really FOR SALE.
It took a half hour to clean up their mess. Brats!

The goats are doing some real damage to that blackberry. Still not sure if they will get it all before new growth starts.

Yahtzee and Taboo should have about a month to go...hopefully they start packing on the pounds a bit now.

Kitsune Hooch is not so sure he appreciates your crap.
Xan and Haddie found this guy. Critters are starting to pop up again. They think you outta hurry too spring.

Pool party...a good way to burn off some energy.

Our first bunny meat meal. It was actually pretty good...for sure have it again.
The kids whipped up a little pumpkin cookie goodness for dessert. That Easy Bake has already paid off...but they are already itching to make bigger treats.

A new POTUS took the reins. I know there are a lot of unhappy people out there. Do not let this put you on the low road. If you are not happy about this president don't let that turn you ugly. Don't assume those around you that are open minded to this change are ugly. I'm hopeful that a good change comes through, and the worst that so many fear fizzles out. Don't let this be another dividing factor...let's come together for our people and our country. The power is truly in the people, not so much in the man that sits in the Oval Office. Be the change you want to see.