Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years is to 2010!!!

It's another quiet New Years Eve for us tonight, just watching the Twilight Zone marathon and will probably hit the sack early. This Holiday will be a lot more fun when the trio are old enough to join in the excitement :) Another year has flown by, I only wished time would have gone by so fast when I was a tween wanting so much to be grown up. I really should have listened all the times my mom told me to enjoy it while it lasts LOL Though I have no complaints to log for 2009, it's been another wonderful year with my hubby and our amazing children. We are so fortunate to have our health, our heads above water on bills and what not, and truly great family and friends....what could I complain about :) Some big changes came this year...the triplets have grown so much, not only do they have some hair now and are eating more that baby oatmeal, but they are walking and talking and into everything LOL. They have helped Jason and I grow a lot too, I am honestly proud of the parents we are...I only hope we are doing as good a job as we strive to. I haven't taken any new pics over the last couple of days so I thought it would be fun to post some blast from the past pics.

The trio 1 year ago...
Handsome boy Xan...this sweet Angel faced boy who now drives me insane with his daredevil tactics.

Funny girl Hayden...I can't believe this is the same girl that has started running to the baby gate that blocks the kitchen and points in at the changing table when you ask her is she has poo'd and needs to be changed hehehe.

Cute Lily least she has a little bit more hair these days.

Fun times...

Happy New Year to all...may 2010 be a good one for everyone!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We sorta sucked as parents today.

It snowed today, for the first time since the trio were 5 months old, and we didn't take them out to play in it...we are so lame :( Maybe if it's still here tomorrow we will go out and play a little.
Lily and Hayden are picking up some more words and have learned a couple more items. They now know what a banana is and even try to say it. They have all learned to knock with their knuckles and say something like 'knock knock'. Lily busted out today with 'down'!

We did have some fun with our shopping baskets today though LOL

We all liked wearing the baskets on our heads hahaha

Hayden saw Slim getting cozy with her baby....Miss Stingy promptly went over and snatched her baby.

Monday, December 28, 2009

So many new toys, so much more mess!

The kids have so much stuff now their house trashing time has gone from about an hour to 10 min flat LOL We clean up all the toys twice a day and man there are so many little pieces that hide everywhere and get stuffed into every small space. We gave a new schedule a try today. Since, uh forever, the trio have been having breakfast then a sippy before nap and then lunch after nap. If they take a little longer nap lunch and dinner run too close together, so today was the first day of lunch before nap. It went well and I think it is going to stick! Bad news of the day I lost my FF league "Superbowl" today, thanks mostly to Manning, Wayne, Clark and Addai sitting most of yesterdays game....they are so lucky it is just a freebie league! So my first 2 years playing fantasy football end in 2nd place, hopefully I get a win next year :(

Some pics I took today...
The trio wore the outfits Auntie Allie got them for Christmas. These are size 24 not quite 18 month olds fit them pretty darn well....they are growing so fast!

Out doing a little shopping at Costco

Some play time when we got home.

The kitchen is the fav in our house right now :)

Lily had a phone's really cute they try to hold this kitchen phone and the little cell phones that they got to their ears and then something like "Hello" is said hehehe

A couple rare pics of Hayden without all her hair in her face :)

Happy Bug

Lily playing with the dump truck. Hayden was "driving" it all over this morning then she would pretend like she was going to run Lily over and Lily would burst out laughing every time Hayden came near her.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year's Resolutions...hmmm

The Multiples and More question of the week is what are my New Year's Resolutions.

My list right this moment is a bit short...
*Start doing more craft type things with the trio.
*Get the conversion of our 3rd bedroom started and finished.
*Get serious about going back to school, I'd like to research it all out and make a plan.

I have a pretty good track record with my resolutions, it's been like 4 years since DH and I quit smoking for a New Year's of the best things we could have done!

What are your Resolutions?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another day of Christmas for the trio!!!

Uncle Rick and Cousin Tyler came over for dinner and gift opening today! Unfortunately Auntie Tia and Cousin Brandon couldn't make it, but we had a fun time. The trio are getting pretty good at opening gifts, though they still seem to be a tad more into the paper than what's inside LOL. This has been 3 solid days of presents...I hope the babies haven't gotten too used to it, the gravy train is over, for now :)

They got this cool bear...and Hayden proceeded to make out with it LOL

The girls got their very own purses :)

Xander got a great monster dump truck that his sisters like just as much as he does :)
Uncle Rick helping him open it.

Thank you EVERYONE for being so kind and generous to the trio and our family this Christmas. XOXOXO

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all...

I have never been this tired on Christmas before, by 6pm I was ready for bed. Putting together the kitchen took us forever last night, we didn't get to bed until almost 3am. We were up at 8:30 this morning, doing chocolate chip pancakes with the trio. Once breakfast was over they were turned loose in the living room to discover their new play kitchen and basketball hoop. The hoop is still too big for them, but the kitchen was a humongous hit. About 10 am Uncle Scott and Auntie Amber came by for a visit. They left about 2:30 and then Grandma stopped by, the babies had one long day of gift opening and play time. They didn't want to nap very long today plus the rough night of sleep they got last night so by the time 7:30 rolled around they were ready for bed....and so were Jason and I LOL. Lots more pics of todays fun, I have some video too so I will probably back track and add it to this post in a few days...just too tired to do it today. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday!

How the kitchen started out

The trio seeing it this morning

The kitchen came with 2 metal pans and 2 metal utensils...they did not last long, thankfully no one has a concussion or hearing loss LOL
Food and dishes for their kitchen

The girls first baby dolls
Lots of kisses from Hayden :)

and some from Lily Bug

Even Xander wanted to check out the babies

Their own little TV remotes and cell phones hopefully they will leave ours alone now...doubt it.

Hayden was too funny today, everytime we gave her a present she relocated it across the room and came back for more, she didn't start opening them until she had a small pile built up LOL
Play time with Uncle Scott and Auntie Amber

Then it was time to open their gifts

The girls cute new shoes

Xans pimpy new shoes
Some T-shirts

Toys from Auntie Allie, Uncle Rob and Cousin Rowan

The girls very first Barbie Dolls

A ring from Hubby and the trio...three Rubies for our 3 July babies :)

My oh so warm and comfy new robe

Some new ornaments for the tree

Jason opening the special gift I gave him LOL