Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lily knows her celebs LOL*

Well celebs as far as soon to be 2 year olds she is telling me the cast of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Looks black but it plays....still no idea what is up with Blogger videos, but at least they play.

I have been working on the trio's 2nd year montage, I think it's gonna run a tad longer than last years LOL. It is so hard to weed down the photos when they are all so special to me.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A giant ball, sour worms and Mickey.

Today's EI appt went great, Xander's teacher is one of his best friends right now (the girls are very happy with her too) because she brought a giant bouncy ball for them to play with. It was a little tense at first, any time you bring one of anything into this house there are problems LOL. They sure love it though, it's been fun watching them play with it. So far no one has went head over heels trying to get on top of it by themselves, I give Xander until tomorrow Hahaha.
The new loaner toy.

The kiddos got their first taste of sour gummy worms today, actually it was their first taste of any candy period. We let Xander play with an unopened bag and he managed to get it open, so we felt obligated to share. I grabbed the camera wanting to capture the "bitter beer face" of their first taste of something sour...didn't get much of that, only of the little buggers wanting more :)
Xan showing a little sour face :)
A tiny pucker from Hayden Hehehe

Lily wasn't sure for about 2 seconds, then she became a fan.
Hayden's "whatchu talkin bout Willis" face when we told her no more.

Another big surprise today was when Grandma came by for a visit. She brought a bunch of great books that Xander went about destroying right away. She also brought a Mickey Mouse stuftie....Lily looked like she had found her long lost pal Hehehe she could not take her eyes off him, and got very upset when it came time to share.
Lily meet Mickey!

We got door knob covers on every door in the house now, so we took down the gate blocking the hallway. You would think that 6 foot section was a wing of a mansion, by how they ran around it screaming LOL. They also recognized the heavy rain today, like I said before in Oregon it can be 80 and beautiful one day and raining the next, they ran back and forth screaming "outside bath."
Trying to walk in on Daddy.

On a sad note, a couple different friends have had to hold memorials after they lost a child, my heart has been so sad. I will never under why babies and children are taken from us, it is so unfair and so cruel. I am not an overly religious person, I believe most in being a good person, however every night I say a little prayer for the little ones in this world and those that have left us much too soon. Good journey.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

Been M.I.A

I have not been feeling like myself the last couple of weeks. I have been a bit nauseous and so very tired, like sleeping 14 hours a day and still cat napping on the couch outside of that kind of tired. I don't remember being this worn out when I was pregnant with the triplets, it has sure been sucky. I haven't been much fun for the kiddos, and I know Jason is about ready to revolt from having to do it all while I am on the couch too tired to help. I broke down and took some Zofran I had left over from the trio, it is a year passed it's exp date but seemed to do the trick. I know it's a nausea and vomiting med but it has also really really cut down on the fatigue. Hopefully this will keep helping, and maybe once I can get a new script it will work even better. While I am on the pregnancy kick, I really need a cute hat or to get my butt in to my roots are outrageous and my split ends have split ends LOL. It's all worth it in the end though :) my 8 week pics!

The girls have really had a language explosion, they are repeating just about everything out of our mouths and Lily has started with two word sentences. She loves to say "hot pizza," it's also one of her fav foods so she asks for it a lot hehehe. Xander has started saying a couple new words too...he is not a man of many words right now but he is such a sweetie. They all have hit a rough spot in their eating's getting tough to get them to eat anything these days.

The girls had a lot of fun with their baby dolls today, they were being so cute feeding them and giving them milk and juice...then they even put a pillow on the floor and put the babies down for a nap LOL

Lily's baby had a phone call...a long phone call :)

Xander gets a turn
Baby doll nap time....such good little mommies :)
Hayden likes to co-sleep.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Umm you're supposed to pay for that first.

Dad had a little fun getting the girls dressed today. They thought their tights were very cool, I give him an A for effort for his stylish flair.

On to today's funny stories...though they may just be funny to us LOL.

We hit up Costco today, for the first time we left the choo choo in the car and each pushed a cart. I actually liked it this way a lot better, and I think the trio enjoyed the change of scenery. We got a bit less attention, only 3 people asked if they were triplets LOL. Unfortunately for Costco's banana supply we got there a little too close to dinner time. If you know Costco, you know they package their banana's in 3 lb bags, well by the time we left the kids had demolished almost a whole bag. At least it kept them quiet and happy hehehe.
Don't they look like such big kids?
Look at his cheeks full of banana :)
We are starting to see a pretty big height difference, Lily is for sure our petite girl.
My goodness slow down girls!!! LMAO!

After Costco we went to Izzy's for dinner. I thought restaurants would be getting easier now that they can eat everything on their own, use forks, use straws...I was wrong! At least they gave those around us some entertainment...even the man who Xander almost hit with a flying cucumber.

On the baby baking front I am doing good, here is my 7 week pic. Still no yaking yet, thank goodness! Man I need some sun...yikes!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time to get out the summer clothes!

Of course being Oregon it could be raining again tomorrow, but today was beautiful. We decided to head to the Zoo. The kiddos had a great time, they are not too into the animals yet but sure did love running around in the grass. They tried to crash a few picnics but to their displeasure they didn't get any food from anyone LOL.

Getting ready to go...Xan shows off the owie's he has given himself climbing over everything he possibly can.
So happy to be going bye-bye!

Zoo time!
Fighting over the ONE water bottle started early...when will we learn you can't have just one of anything?!?!
Xander wanted to carry the diaper bag, I keep thinking they are so big until I see something like this...puts it into perspective :)
Daddy and the girls.
The last 2 days of wearing shorts have done a number on poor Lily's knees. She got her first scraped knee yesterday then today feel again and re-scraped it. Poor Bug.