Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A girl in demand.

We are doggy sitting this big lug for a few days, and of course Don Juan decides he needs to be here too. It seems that Kitsune has a couple of admirers, that do not exactly get along. What's a girl to do when two boys think they are her one and only...awkward LOL.
Poor Lycan keeps getting beat up by Wrangler. He is to pretty to get worked over Hahaha.

5 days of running on the farm is going to work muscles Lycan never knew he had.

Kitsune also has human admirers. These pictures suck because I didn't want them to know I caught them playing. It was too cute.

I'm not sure why Xander wanted her to wear the towel...but she was a pretty good sport about it.

Thanks for being such a good girl Kitsune.
A couple funnies courtesy of Hayden and Lily today.
Hayden: Sleeping in her underwear makes it faster for her to get dressed in the morning.
Lily: While she loves the farm, she is not really an outside person.
Hahaha good to know, thanks girls.

Monday, September 28, 2015

My mini me.

We are ready to get a couple more pen areas fenced off. I think the pigs should move into their own pen, this would free me up to get some ducks and maybe turkeys in with the chickens in their giant pen. We also, hopefully, soon will be welcoming our two pregnant goats, they too will need their own pen. We need those goats...lots of brush for them to put work in on.

Today we just plotted out the area and ran string to line off the pens.
Ever vigilant.

Miss are looking much too grown up for 7, slow your roll baby girl.

My little mini me, 90% of the pictures I share on FB get tagged as myself...she is so much cuter than I am though.

The strike ended today, the kiddos were pretty excited to get back to school.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hayden to the rescue.*

My feed and storage shed is still coming along....sloowwwlllyyy but it will get there.
Jason had a little help today, but Haddie wasn't loving all the noise.

Kitsune, and her toy, ready for know just in case Jason felt the sudden need to put the drill down to throw her frisbee.
I thought for sure the first one stuck in a huge hole would be Jericho...well I was wrong.
Hayden decided to go on a wooly bear rescue mission. The huge holes that we had dug out for our future pole barns posts have become a death trap. I think a mouse or two have died in a couple, and lots of wooly bear caterpillars seem to make their way down the holes but not many come back up. Since these will eventually be filled with concrete Haddie wanted to save the critters. So of course my little farm girl jumped down in the hole all by herself...then realized she couldn't get herself back out. Dad helped her out.

Our itty bitty puppy is pretty much all grown up. She is 11 months old and just beautiful. She has turned out to be an amazing dog, she is great with the kids, turning into a wonderful farm dog, and loving learning on the IPO field. So very happy with this girl.
She is getting so ripped running around on our 10 acres all day every day...little beast!
She is not just pretty to look at...she is also an amazing athlete that can truly do anything asked of her. My friends son found out she can do this little trick totally by accident. The girl has springs.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

It is that time of year again...time to get cracking on our Halloween costumes. We will be the Mystery Gang this year. The kiddos did a great job picking, they each picked who they wanted to be...and assigned Jason and I who we will be. We lucked out, most of the costumes are super easy

I finally bit the bullet and bought my first sewing machine...just a simple one, but hopefully I can learn to use it to its fullest.
Grandma, we couldn't do this costume stuff without her.

Everyone wanted to help.

Hayden will be Scooby Doo, her costume is almost done. Lily picked Shaggy...she of course picked him so she can share Scooby snacks with her best pal LOL. Jericho will be Scrappy Doo. Jason and I will be Fred and Daphne. Xan will be the Mystery Van (yeah this will be an interesting one). Grandma is going to be Velma. Can't wait to get them all done.

Stay tuned, more costume work coming soon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The race is on.

Ready to get the metal sheets on, can we beat the's on!
Hayden was break dancing with this wooly bear today, she kept telling him to "get down, get down" LMAO.

My pretty girl, and my pretty pasture...awww home.

She often misplaces her toys...good thing she is a flexible dog.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mouth sundae.

Today was a long awaited, and very special, day. My brother and sister in law have been taking care of my niece Hailee for 3 years now...long sad story. Today they officially adopted her!!!
We celebrated with breakfast out....which reminded me, it is almost time to crack down for my annual "ack it is almost Halloween and I need to fit into my costume" diet. Ugh.
The diet is just going to have to start another day. Tonight I introduced the kids to the awesomeness that is the "mouth sundae". I had willing and eager students LOL.
We had a good time...lots of laughs, and some wasted whip cream.

My ever so thoughtful babies insisted that their Mom get a turn too. Then they insisted on helping me.
So yummy, and not just the whip cream and mini chocolate chips.

Friday, September 18, 2015

I'm with the band.

When the burned down and abandoned house next door has a complete, and most likely ruined, drum set sitting outside....a band is formed. The kids had a blast, the dogs wanted to attack the noise and lots of band names were thrown around LOL. Watch out Auntie Stacie, you are about to be hit up for a few spots in your band LOL.
Between sets, Xander helped his Dad get more of the shed finished.

It is coming along.

When we started this shed project it was originally going to also house our rabbits. Then I got to thinking the shed that was already here when we moved in would make a better bunny now we need to reconfigure this shed, along with finishing up the new one. Why is our project list always growing instead of getting smaller...oh, yeah, me with my bright ideas LOL.

Gotta get all the tools and junk cleared out, but it should work out great for the buns.

Looking good.

4 walls a floor and a we are getting somewhere.

Well the strike continues. Today a Judge ruled that the teachers strike is "illegal" and ordered the teachers back to work. Will the kids go back to school on Monday, stay tuned for the exciting conclusion.

 Silly Haddie. The kids don't seem to mind missing a week of school, my house minds has been a disaster every day.