Saturday, June 30, 2012

Time to get the new set put together!

Jason called up our friend Daniel to get some muscle, and a small truck, so we could get the kids new play structure set up. After the tear down with just the two of us, we knew some more help would be needed. There were some close calls, but we did it...without damaging anything LOL!

That was a tight fit LOL!
Xander was very interested in what we were doing with his "castle"!

I may not love this house...but I do love our giant back yard! So nice that a truck can fit back there and we didn't have to try and haul that heavy mother by hand!
Our dogs were pretty excited with all the hoopla going on.
As soon as the truck was gone and it was safe to let the kids out, Daddy had a whole lot more help than he probably wanted Hahaha.

Xander and Jericho made getting the slide put on first a must....Jason didn't even get all the bolts tight before they were slidding down.

Dad working fast to get the last one on, you can see Jericho is already climbing up for another turn :)

The boys wanted to help.
Then Jericho snatched an apple out of Jason's bag and began devouring it. Only with my demands and his siblings crying did he share LOL.
This part under here was used as a sandbox before. Sand and 4 kids tracking it into my house...oh HELL NO hehehe. I think we are going to get more wood and give it a floor and some small built in bench like seats.

Jericho does a little work, while Haddie gets a bite of the community apple.

It started showering on us, we stayed out and kept working for another hour or so. The trio loved playing in the rain, Xander was out holding up a bucket...I tried to tell him at this rate of rain it will take him a year to fill up that little bucket.
Lily found a little piece of plastic and said it was her umbrella.

Dad kept trucking.

His apple, that has only been dropped on the ground 4 or 5 times, is almost gone :)
Next the vultures set their sights on the neighbors raspberries. Thankfully he hung another big branch over the fence for them.

Hey...make room for one more :)
Haddie found a tiny baby worm.
We took a break for lunch. After grub we put on a show, in hopes we could get some nap time out of the munchkins, and sure enough we had some pooped out boys.

Jason and I went back out to get things finished up. We need some new swings and to pressure wash it, but it looks great and will get sooo much use. Thanks again Jennifer, you are awesome!
Fills up our back corner nicely with the other little swing set...and there is still room for the kids to play behind the sets and talk to their friend Stone :)
We had to move some of their other toys up towards the patio more, but it all fits well.
I think it is just about time to take some of the dog side back...we left them with way too much anyway.

Jason and I were only out there for another hour or so, with us both popping our heads in to check on the kids every now and then. Even so, we came in to this....a nice Thank you for all our work outside getting their new toy together for them. Thanks to Jericho getting up on the counter, and Jason forgetting to put the eggs away after lunch...we had a nice mess to clean up. Well, the dogs helped LOL.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Just as fun getting clean.

Today was our 6 year anniversary...whoa Babe! Yes, you can marry me 4 years :) We didn't do gifts this year...too busy. I even sucked it up on the card. I swore I got him one, but when I went to get it out of the stash spot there wasn't one there. I think what happened is I bought him a birthday and Father's Day card and thought I got him an anniversary one too. Obviously we too much going on in June LOL.

Jason got me a cute card and some cool flowers. They are really bright places dye flowers?

We did a 4th of July craft today too...and got pretty messy. Thankfully baths were next on the list :)
Red foot prints.
Blue hand prints.
It was slow to dry....even with the blow dryer.
So the kiddos took their bath.  

Um..."you're gonna need a bigger tub" Hahaha!

Always so much fun playing together!

When the red and blue dried, I helped Jericho do white foot prints and white handprints. It's a little hard to see, didn't turn out just as I hoped...but it was fun :)

Gotta leave you with a funny Hayden story. We are not exactly sure where she got it, but if I, or Grandma...or any adult really, am wearing or have something Hayden says "I gotta be 18, to have that." Today she saw my bra and asked me what is that, I told her it is Momma's bra. She then says  "I need my boobies to grow so I can have one of those to keep them still, I have to be 18 and then I want a pink and a purple one." LMAO!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More rainbows.

Some more rainbow birthday craft fun today.

When you have a bunch of little kids playing in a big bounce house and swimming their little hearts out, a clear sign pointing to the bathroom is a MUST Hahaha. So the trio helped me make a sign out of colored buttons. Turned out pretty cute :)

Xander, Hayden and Lily helped me sort out the colors we needed...they did a great job!
I lined it up so the word would fit.
Everyone was very excited to glue the buttons on.

All done!

I got started on some tissue paper pom poms to hang up. Thanks Pinterest!

Xander and Hayden came out of their room telling me that they are Doctors and that they were ready for their first patient :) Loved the get up they put on all by themselves LOL.

They would make some cute Doctors :)