Sunday, May 1, 2011

Catching Tinkerbell and undies.*

The triplets were very entertaining today. First they spotted a reflective light on the ceiling that they were convinced was TinkerBell. The video is about 2 min and hilarious! You will also notice in the video the kids are big on their names and that there are 2 boys and 2 girls in this family LOL.

It was a beautiful almost 70 degree day today, which meant it was about 76 in the house. After naps I got a wild hair and asked the girls if they would like to try wearing some big kid underpants. I explained over and over that they can't go potty in their new undies, that they need to tell me when they need to go. Then I asked them if they needed to go potty every 10min or so. In 3 hours we had no accidents, but no trips to the potty either. We may try again tomorrow. Wish us luck!

The girls showing off their undies...they were so happy to be wearing them.

Lily doing a little undie dance.

Jericho is not too impressed with the whole undie thing LOL.

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