Saturday, December 31, 2016

Super Jericho is 6!

Mario has landed! This was such a fun spot to have a birthday party...we just may have to repeat this one next year. The pool was warm, yet when it started snowing outside we were able to see it through the windows. Having the snacks and lunch poolside was really awesome too.
All the food and decorations turned out super cute!
Strawberry and grape piranha plants.
Cheese puff fire balls, and powdered donut hole ice power.
Cupcake mushrooms.
Veggie flower power.
Ham or turkey and cheese sammies.

Jericho wanted a mystery box cake....he also wanted it to be chocolate, funfetti and strawberry. Lucky for him his Dad makes a mean cake, to order.
Everyone hit the pool first.
The littles were in luck, they were allowed to jump off the diving board and go down the water slide with life jackets on!

Go buddy!
Xander down the slide. Xan and Jericho were animals with the diving board and slide, so brave. Hayden and Lily wouldn't try either.

Cousin Hailee!
My brave 6 year old!
Go Xan!

Hopefully next time we are here the girls will be a bit braver LOL.
Break for snacks...good thing we had 3 hours, any less wouldn't have been enough. After weeks of no school and yucky weather, this energy burn was badly needed.

Over and over and over.
Kaylee and the girls had fun getting to hang out.

Xander trying some flips.

Kenzie off the board.
3 year old Red...braver than Hayden and Lily LOL.
So perfect for a winter party.
Cake time...Jericho had to get into his costume.
My handsome wild sweet daring 6 year old boy...we love you so much lil man!

His bestie from Pre K Zane made it up, two of his classmates came, and a few family friends....such a great bunch of friends!

Make a wish!
Gifts and then a mad dash to clean up for the next party.
Thanks everyone for making Jericho's big day extra special!
Three hours of crazy would think the kids would be too tired to take Dad's unfortunate bet that they wouldn't make it until midnight...they weren't. 4 silly kids and 2 exhausted parents counted down to midnight. Happy New Years Eve all!!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Mario deep.

Jericho has been on a Mario kick ever since he decided he wanted a Mario Bday party this year. Then Santa got him a Mario costume...that he tries to wear daily. Today Jason found our old school Nintendo 64...and Mario Kart game. The kids love it, and it kept them busy while Jason and I worked on Mario stuff for the party tomorrow. Mario, Mario, Mario.

I love this game, it's been forever LOL. I still can whoop anyone.

Xander has been shooting his BB gun every day. He is taking it very seriously and doing a real good job following all the safety rules. His little BB gun, hanging with the big boys LOL.

Such patient kitties. Christmas is over, but the kids just can't let it go quite yet.

All the kids learned they got signed up for basketball today. Last year it was just Hayden and Xan that wanted to play, and they played on a co-ed team. This year they will be on girls only and boys only teams. When Hayden heard this she said... "All right, this is going to be so easy. It's so easy to win against girls, they are so sensitive."  LMAO we shall see how she feels at the end.