Friday, September 28, 2012

Homeward bound.

Time to go home! It has been a long 10 days away, ups and downs, sad times and good times...what a mixed bag. The trio, as I guessed, changed their minds and got all upset about going home of course.
Being silly before loading up in the car.

They had a great time, and miss their Auntie already.
Jericho had a little snack before we hit the road. Hopefully he will sleep much of the way home.
We loaded the kids in the car then put a DVD on for them while we did some last min packing and cleaned the floors...dogs and kids, you can't keep the floor clean Ha. It seems an hour of the DVD on aux power is too much. Thank goodness this old beast was there and had no problem jumping the SUV.
This was Jason's idea when the kids DVD started skipping and freezing. It did not work, better stick to the children's toothpaste idea LOL.
First thing when we got home Hayden found O.J. and told him how much she missed him.
Aww kitty kisses.

My little Diva, trying on my sunglasses. She asked me to take a picture of her Hahaha.

We came home to a bunch of sympathy cards and gifts. Thanks everyone, you are very kind.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Magic acts at dinner.

Tonight is our last night in Bend. The kids have been wanting to go home for the last 3 days...what do you bet tomorrow when it is time to go they all of a sudden want to stay LOL.

We met Auntie Stacie and "My David" as the girls call him LOL, for dinner.

Hayden and Lily wanted to leave their "babies" safe in the car. Both need to brush up on their carseat safety...but wow Lily, you need to retake the whole course LOL.

Just before we got to eating Haddie had to use the bathroom. I had to snap this pic because she was being so funny. She noticed she could look over and see her reflection while on the potty. She started making all kinds of silly noises and faces. I am sure the lady in the next stall appreciated the entertainment LOL.
We were treated to a magic act by our waiter...that is something that has never happened to us before LOL. The kids were enthralled. He was actually pretty good, did 2 or 3 different acts and earned himself an extra tip :)
Of course as soon as he left the triplets had caught the bug and were doing their own magic tricks LOL. They would say that their dessert had vanished and then would pull off the napkin while saying abracadabra and the dessert would reappear.
Thankfully the magic only started at dessert time...we may never have made it through dinner otherwise.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bouncing Off The Walls!

We are really close to having everything finished up here in Bend. The house is starting to feel more empty. The triplets talk about their Grandpa now and then. We finally sat them down and told them that he passed away, just before the wake. It went pretty good, I don't think they totally understood of course...but I do think they really gave it thought and seemed to care deeply that he wasn't going to be seeing them again.

We needed a day of silly, and so that is what we did. The kids were climbing the walls today and really needed to get out.

So where better to go than a place called 'Bouncing Off The Walls' LOL.
The munchkins split up and ran off in 4 different directions. I am so glad my kids aren't attached at the is nice to see, it is also nice when extra hands come along to help :)
Vroom vroom.

Jericho is such a little stud muffin. He climbed up this all by himself...with some little girl hurrying him the whole time no less.
Then after looking at both slides.
Down he came all by himself. He is my wild man :)

A little hoop-a-loop fun.
Xander gave these a try, I was only able to snap one...pretty bad, pic. He is going to need some more practice LOL.

Lily Bug was taking off through the obstacle course like a pro.
Haddie spent a lot of time at the train table.

Auntie Stacie and David had almost as much fun as the kiddos!

Jericho loved the little car slide...glad he is not always the adrenaline junkie LOL.

Xander was all over the place. I don't know how he has the energy when he still is staying up until midnight.

After a hour of bouncing off the walls dinner and a DRINK was in order! Mmm :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We need to get this boy his own camera!

Still in Bend...not much going on with me today. But Xander was sure busy!

There is no doubt that my love of photography, as amateur as it may be, has rubbed off on my oldest son. I have to hide both my camera and my phone, if not I come back to find dead batteries and over loaded memory space Hahaha.

You can actually tell that his ability is growing...he just may have a future in photography, in a number of area's.

Product photography: You can see how his choice of lighting and composition show off these beautiful pony's.
PI work: He can catch em in the act, and provide photographic evidence of the indescretion.
Paparazzi: Can get the shot even when his subject is not cooperating.
Cute candids: Cute pics even if the photo quality is not superb.

Uh son, NO, just no. LMAO!
We need to let his love, and skills, grow. I must find him a good kid camera pronto! Do your kids have a camera, what brand...can it stand up to some abuse?

Monday, September 24, 2012

We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship.

We had a pretty quiet day in Bend today. It was a little chilly, so we spent most of the day inside.
The kids, and dogs, had a little lunch picnic in the back yard though.
Auntie Stacie came over to go through some things with Jason. Old pictures are of the reasons I am so picture crazy.

Break time...they are taking a trip to the moon with their Auntie.

Blast off! They have such amazing imaginations. They were putting on gloves, boots and helmuts...then hopping around on the moon.
Xander being silly.
He looks good in the gear :) Daddy, Auntie Stacie...heck even Great Grandpa, just might get their way and get these kids up on the slopes this winter for the first time. I guess I will have to give skiing a try too.

Jericho is STILL taking off his diaper any chance he gets. I am so not in the potty training mood right now dude, please just wait a bit longer. When you do take you diaper off, try not to injure only stretches so far LMAO!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A celebration of life.

Today was a celebration of life get together for Richard. A lot of really nice people came to show their love and it ended up being a good time.

Some pictures of Richard and some things that were important to him.
So many great pictures.

Her sure loved his kids and grandkids.
Back in the day :)

He was a fan of all things Indian. Stacie made this dreamcatcher for him.

Jason brought this hat back for him from our trip to Hawaii back in 07...he loved it.

The trio entertained themselves, brings a new idea to beer pyramid LOL. When they got it all stacked up they would turn around and say "behold the great tower!"

Jericho mostly liked knocking it down.

Stacie and Grandma, and Jason too, did a little talking about Richard and some toasting!

Jericho loved Grandpa's hat. Howdy little feller LOL.

Xander was all about being a rock star today...especially with Auntie's shades.
Our little Mac Daddy had a huge crush on Katelyn. He sat by her and talked her ear off for almost 40 minutes LOL. He didn't even care that her husband was there :)
Wanna go for a ride on my bike?
She was super sweet and let him down gently Hehehe.

Lily Bug was building nests for eggs (rocks) that were hatching into baby alligators and baby birds. I couldn't exactly tell the difference in the eggs myself but Lily knew what was up.
3 cute girls :)