Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!!!

It is not often you get a dry Halloween for trick or treating in Oregon, it was such a nice night. We took the triplets out for their first ever trick or treat experience, and had a really fun hour or so. We walked up one side and down the other of one small street next to Grandma's house, ending with a visit at Grandma's. The kids did awesome with holding our hands the whole time, and after about the 3rd house they did pretty well with saying trick or treat and thank you! There were a lot of little kids out, even some teenagers that were too old to be ToTing but at least some of them had costumes on. The trio loved their costumes so much we had a hard time getting them to get ready for bed. I can't wait for next year...they are going to really 'get it' and have even more fun.

Here we go...

Their first few houses...

They did really well with just taking one...most of the time :)
Visiting with Grandma...they liked helping her pass out some candy.
They each got 1 sucker and 1 bite size candy bar...I am pretty sure the rest will disappear without the kids help :)
Then we got into some festive PJ's and were ready for bed!

Woosaw wanted some candy LOL.

Baby news, I hit 31 weeks today! Jericho is really beating me up these days. Not sure how I did on weight these last 2 weeks, I am sure the Halloween candy is not helping but I will find out the exact damage at Tuesdays appointment.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flu shots for the trio*

The trio got their flu shots today, I hate giving them shots but with a new baby coming during all the cold/flu/RSV and Whooping Cough stuff going on I felt it was important. The kiddos officially did their first bit at being protective big brother and sisters for baby Jericho. My strong little red head of course did not cry, Xander and Hayden did but only for a couple seconds...such tough kids. We came home and Jason made a delicious dinner...with a little help from Xander. I love men in the kitchen :)

Some pics before we left for the Doctors.
Xander looking all studly.

Lily cute!

Xan and his Dad making dinner.

More from our huge Tinkerbell fans!
A little video of the girls Jason got earlier, 'faith, trust and pixiedust' LOL

Here we are doing the chant some more tonight :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm so stingy LOL

It's for their own good though. We bought some Halloween candy today and I am waiting for the trio to go to bed so I can eat some without having to share LOL!!!

I hit 30 weeks today! 30 weeks was the last belly pic I took when I was pregnant with the trio. They came at 31 weeks 2 days and I didn't get a chance to take a pic before. So here is a little compare pic, I look fuller but not all that much bigger last time...ut oooh :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little Halloween party.

Our multiples group had their Halloween party today, Jason and I didn't dress up this year but the trio did. They loved wearing their costumes, even Hayden did not try to take a bit of hers off. Our group rented the Munchkin Playland place for about 3 hours, everyone brought some food and the kids went wild. By wild I mean bat ass crazy wild, Xander was actually huffing and puffing and getting all red in the face from running around playing like a fool.
Trying out their costumes.

Xander our little bee.
Awww sad bee, ready to go!

Hayden a pretty butterfly.

Our LilyBug is a lady bug this year.
Play time!!!
Everyone loved the's great that they can play on everything by themselves now.

A little snack time.
After the party we stopped at a pizza place for a friend's little girls Bday, the trio were still hyped up so we only hung out for about an hour. This preggo momma was tired and missing her couch LOL. The trio went down without a peep tonight...I have a feeling they will be sleeping in a little tomorrow.
Chilling at the pizza party.

Oh other exciting news...It's a total fluke I am sure, but Lily pooped on the potty today!!! The kids were getting done with their bath this morning, I went in to go potty, Lily starts saying 'Momma going potty' then she kinda asked to go potty too. I noticed she had her butt clenched and moved fast to get her on the potty...not a second later she went!!! We'll see if this sparks anything, but I am not holding my breath.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A day of near misses.

Today was not Xander's best day, poor dude. First, though we have told him over and over to watch his fingers and keep them out of the door, he...with a little help from Hayden...nearly took off his finger in a door. OK so it was just the tip of his finger, and it wasn't exactly that bad of an injury but he sure was upset about it for a long time. Poor guy was holding his hand with his damaged finger sticking out for hours. He kept putting it to my mouth for me to kiss it better. I swear he had me kiss it a hundred times, I finally had to break it to him that the boo boo kiss healing powers are more for minor cuts and scrapes. I hope it doesn't get all gross with the nail falling off and such, yuck. Later, and I wonder if this is partly The Little Gym's fault hehehe, Xander gets up on the couch and just jumps off. His landing was bad, I don't think he got his landing gear down in time LOL. He gets up hobbling holding an ankle and comes crying to me, I was just like what were you thinking...he didn't have an explanation, but hopefully he has learned that jumping off the couch is not a good idea.

In other news, Lily has started more interactive role playing type stuff with the girls Barbie's. Out of the blue today she started making their hands touch and then she would say 'faith, trust and pixie dust.' If you haven't seen the movie this is from the newest Tinkerbell movie, all the fairies put their hands together and say this when they are working together...kinda like a team huddle. A little later I offered her my hand and said 'faith' then she placed her hand on mine and said 'trust and pixie dust', after watching Lily and I do it a couple times Hayden joined in too. It was so cute!
Lily doing her 'faith, trust and pixie dust' thing with the Barbie's.

Xander coming to me to kiss his poor finger....again.
Still so handsome :)
A pic of Miss Hayden.