Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4 years Babe!

I am still not feeling too hot. I got 2 bags of IV fluids today, at the start of bag 1 my heart rate was still high while standing, 153, and my BP was really low both numbers under 90 and 80...both point to dehydration. After bag two it had improved but was not perfect. They wanted me to come back tomorrow but I can't make it work with the trio...Jason and Grandma both work when they could get me in. I will just keep and eye on it and call my Doc if need be. At least the vicodin and sudafed help with the headache! On top of it all my body picks tonight to throw up for the first (and hopefully last) time this pregnancy. I can not win LOL!

This evening I pulled it together long enough to go to dinner with my husband. We celebrated our 4 year anniversary today! Grandma and Pop Pop Randy came to watch the kiddos while Jason and I got out for a couple hours.

Pictures from our wedding 4 years ago...
Us tonight...

My husband gave me a card that went along perfectly with the one I gave him. I loved the envelope almost as much, it's so true...I am :)
He also gave me the anniversary band to my wedding ring...Good Man, I love it!

I love you so much, thanks for being you!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Trip to the hospital today.

Today was day 3 of a horrible headache, and for someone who NEVER gets headaches it has been awful. I know I don't drink enough water, and so does Jason even though he is always trying to get me to drink more. He mentioned that he thought the headache could be from dehydration. So I called my Doctor and they had me come in for IV fluids today, I had to do this twice when I was pregnant with the triplets, but didn't expect to have to do it again this time. I have to go get more tomorrow too...didn't have time for more than 1 bag today as Jason had to get to work. I was dehydrated (took the whole bag without needing to pee) but it didn't touch the headache. So now I am on sudafed (they are now thinking it may be sinus issues since I just got over a cold) and Vicodin. I had no idea these were safe but my MFM said they are and he is the specialist so I took his word for it. Even with the vicodin my head still hurts just a tad, and now my arm hurts...from the IV. It was a pretty relaxing hour and a half though, and I got to watch most of What About Bob...I forgot how much I love that movie LOL. The kiddos have been just about as good as they can be, I feel sucky for parenting from the couch for the last couple of days...hopefully I will be better soon! Here is my 13 week picture, I was weighed at the hospital today and I am still just 2-3 lbs up so I have no idea how this belly can be so big Hahaha.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer is here....well for now.*

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! We were going to go to the Zoo but got a late start so we went to a park instead. The girls of course had to swing for the first half hour, but then they actually let us get them out and they played for about an hour on the toys and in the grass. Xander was trying to give his Momma a heart attack by being so independent and wanting to climb up to the slide and go down all by himself....without Dad even up there with him. We had to make a stop at the swings for another 20 min before we left :)

I had a Doctors appointment today and was happy Jason and I got to see the baby again. S/he was resting more this time so HB was only 155, but normal. Measuring 1 day ahead, and looking perfect. The tech joked it must be a girl because she kept talking. You could see the baby opening and closing it's mouth over and over, like 10 times, it was really funny. They did a nuchal scan and it came back great at 1.3! I guess 3.0 is where you may start to worry about Down's. They took blood for the screening test anyway but no one foresees a problem. I am over all up 3 1/2 lbs by their scale, only 2 lbs by mine. I go back 7/23!

During dinner clean up tonight Jason and I look over to see Xander doing this LOL

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sand...wiches, yummy!

Today ***thanks for the tip*** was another beautiful day in Oregon, shhh don't tell anyone but this has been 2 days in a row. We decided to take the kiddos to play at the beach for the first time. Jason packed a lunch, PB&J, some fruit, chips and sippys. We stopped on our way out of town and picked up some buckets, shovels, SPF shirts and got on the road. It took us a while to find the perfect spot, as we were searching we almost had a little incident. I gasped loud when I saw a deer very near to my side of the road, I meant to say "slow down babe, deer" it came out AHHHHH. Jason freaked for a second and semi slammed on the breaks. The poor deer looked at us like sh!t these people are crazy and can't drive I'm outta here, then she turned around and hauled butt away from us LOL. On this same road there was what felt like a 3 foot "dip" in the road, Jason saw it a little too late to slow down and the van about bottomed out, Xander pipes up from the back "ut ohhh" Hahaha. We ended up finding a great spot and spent a good two hours having fun digging in the sand, making sand castles, watching people fly kites and chasing after seagulls (while Hayden yelled quack quack quack LOL.) We stopped for a little lunch, the sandwiches were yummy...even with the little bit of sand that never fails to get in there, and the berries were extra good with that little bit of grit. After lunch they got to do a little wadding in the freezing cold water, silly kids never seem to mind when their extremities go numb. Jason and I had had enough and packed up and got moving on, the kids were not happy at all with our decision and let everyone we passed hear all about it. I hope it is just a 2 year old thing...this melting down every time an activity ends is not fun, for any of us. They calmed down after a few min. of strolling through the little town by the beach, they even got their first ice cream cones....and ate every last bit of them.

Break out the toys Daddy!
My goodness I need some sun!
Mmmm lunch.

Water fun...Hayden really liked the water, she had her moments when the sand being on her really bothered her Hahaha.

Didn't even take them a second to figure out what to do with an ice cream cone :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We have swing addicts.

We hit up a different park today, it actually hit 80 and was just beautiful, it was a perfect day for the park! We managed to get about 15 min of the girls running around before they saw the swings, then it was over. I don't know where this swing craze came from...they didn't even really like their baby swing when they were little LOL. Xander had a blast and kept us on our toes. I wore a maternity shirt for the first time this pregnancy, and Jason had to take pictures....he said the shirt made me look even more pregnant LOL. I got on the scale this morning and have lost another pound, now I am only up 1 1/2 lbs, so I'm really surprised my belly is so big. Lily Bug was such a sweetie today, Jason sneezed, I said "bless you" then Lily pipes up with "bless you Dadda, bless you Dadda." I love hearing her talk so well, and doing the 2-3 word sentences, it's so cute. Hayden is doing more repeating of everything we say and says some 2 word combos herself. Talking is still not Xander's area of expertise but I have no doubt that he will get there.

Some pics from the park today!